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Either way, both of those would work for the OP, as I don't believe either are on the 5 last...
Can't remember the model name, but the PAish shoe AE makes for Joseph a Banks might be what you're looking for... It's not on the 5 last
All this navy shoe talk, I came across these on the bay: Brand new 9.5B navy park aves if anyone is interested
Have you tried flip flopping the shoes? Toe in on the left shoe & toe out on the right? I'll bet you can squeeze in that other 1/2 pair
But then your fish would smell/taste like feet?!?
those heritage golf shoes look identical to the gatsby spectator AE released at brooks brothers this year?!?i don't have a picture of the red/green neumoks, but i missed out on them last year, and really kicked myself for not pulling the trigger... i might have to get a pair this year!
The question isn't should you be contacting AE directly, the question is, why haven't you yet?!?
I love them... Have them in black/white, brown/white & walnut/bone
I found the broadstreet to fit similarly to my 5 lasted shoes... I went with the same size
Look at the brown (not distressed) ashbury's... I think it is the shade you are looking for... I can post a picture tomorrow in between walnut & AE brown, but it's in between... You would have to have to do a MTO, but the colors right
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