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Isn't the gorge too low?
Nice. Who makes this?
Now that you've step outside the box, what would your "old self" think of your "new self" if you met him in a club or passed each other on the street? Would you even notice him/you? Would you notice the way his clothes fit, whether or not they were cheaply made?Before I started improving the way I dressed, I really didn't notice what people were wearing at all. It just didn't register. What they were wearing got "filtered" out, unless of course something was radically...
I was thinking more on the lines of the movie Awakenings starring Robin Williams.Not having watched the Vampire Diaries or the Twilight series I quess I missed the vampire connection. Thanks for clearing that up.
Finally we come to the crux of the problem. Now that you've had your sartorial awakening, the world no longer looks the same.Before your interest in clothes, did you dress like the people you now find annoying?
I got my Dalton's from the Shoe Bank on Black Friday for $149.It might be worth an email or a phone call.Maybe there's a Christmas sale coming up.
If seconds are okay, try Allen Edmonds Shoebank.
Acecow's got my vote.
Not a fan of "those" jeans. But I think with a pair of slim dark wash jeans it wouldn't be half bad.
I'v got a pair very similar to those(AE Park Avenue). Worn perhaps 5 times tops. The soles are in about the same condition. I paid $325, maybe slightly less at JAB (I signed up for a corporate card). I don't buy used shoes, but if I did, for $65 I'd buy those. They look like they're in pretty good shape to me. Really...... they're fine.
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