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Brand New TOJ0 2013. Size 46 with modified lengths. Purchased in 2013 and only tried on. Was unfortunately too tight in the chest for me and has been stored in my closet since. Measurements to the best of my ability: Shoulders: 16.8" P2P: 20" Sleeves: 24.5" Front Length: 21.5" Rear Length: 23.5" $395 shipped Paypal as goods all prices include shipping throughout the continental US
Anyone swing by NNY today? Feeling a tinge of regret passing on the hi tops when I was there.... and of course can't get through on the phone line to save my life.
the fw Bedfords are cut with layering in mind iirc, so ss typically would be more snug Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Honestly this would depend largely on your size and the color you want. There was quite a bit of most sizes though until i left approximately 2:30pm - 3. There is always the chance for the after work rush...Sorry this isn't more helpful. If I had my damn unlimited metrocard I would even pop back over after work today to give you guys an update hah
Slip ons were $85. I didn't buy sk8 hi's but I believe they were $115 (don't hold me to this but 90% sure)
Just got back from NNY, I found the sizing in line with previous seasons (and the same as my other pairs of Vans LX).
Didn't see post pants, they had only one pair of pants left when I was there and they were dark navy with an elasticated bottom-- a bit of a jogger? not sure what model that is, sorry can't be of more help
Bloomingdale's Soho NYC location had one a few days ago, but they don't sell EG online, give them a call though there's a chance
I have both chambray and dungaree from EG, I've found the dungaree to have more of a purple sheen in person, whereas the chambray varies between grey and blue tones season to season. The chambrays typically have a somewhat more crisp hand to them (though by no means actually cardboard-y stiff), whereas I've found the dungaree very soft and drapey. Maybe others can chime in that have chambrays or dungaree from other seasons. I think the biggest visual difference for me SS...
I tried both about two weeks back at NNY, and found the Herringbone the slightest bit slimmer and more flattering on me than the Tweed (both in Medium).They were very comparable, but as I'm right smack in between S and M for Bedfords, I think the slightly tighter herringbone weave might be working in my favor when comparing the two.
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