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Seems like all messages sent to a connection go to Inbox, sometimes there's a fee prompt, sometimes not. Most go to Other, but sometimes messages are ALSO just filtered as Spam -- whole thing is a bit confusing, I found a ton of people asking and not much helpful material. This link https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=143043092711712 made it seem like it was either random, or possibly you needed mutual connections to get the prompt?I did read however, that...
I felt the fatigues in outback canvas quickly yesterday at NNY and while not a textile expert, I felt it had a fairly soft hand to it. Not plushy by any means, but certainly nowhere near the cardboardiness (new word woo) of some outdoor canvas materials.
anyone know who will be stocking the button shawl in the plain Grey 13oz Wool Flannel? (US preferred).
WTB a S/S Olive Bedford in Medium (M) from either '14 or '15 (different shades of green iirc) let me know!
[[SPOILER]] durian runway concept so strong
Thanks man-- I figured it was a bit of a nod to the old manufacturing style and process. I had the same on my fatigues, but once I started to see some unraveling I trimmed them off and knotted the ends close to the tabs. Guess I will leave my shirt be for now, the dungaree cloth feels awesome in this warmer weather!
I feel like a bit of a fool asking this, but what is the story behind the thread hanging from the curved hem area of EG and Big Yank work shirts? I tried googling, but didn't find a really concrete answer anywhere. Also do you guys typically just trim that bit off before you wear? Apologies if this has been asked before-- I have other EG stuff, but this is my first shirt
I wouldn't worry too much, I just have a really strangely shaped foot so I think my struggles with the very narrow 2030 are due to that (narrow/regular heal, and flipper 2E front foot)
Hmm this is helpful, thanks man. I'll slip them on one more time when I get home and check the fit. I remember the balls of my feet hitting the widest point exactly in the boot, but feeling a bit tight across the bottom of my foot and pressure/snugness on outer toes. The derby on the other hand is more comfortable now, but the balls of my feet are every so slightly behind the widest point and there is just about an inch of space in front (I guess my toes have access to...
This is actually really reassuring since I would love to keep them if at all possible. The olive derbies are a half size up and comfortable as they are, but seem a little long. Goldilocks concept going on with my sale haul (or the 2030 is just really not my last and I'm trying to make it work cause I love them haha..).Would you say it was a good amount of stretch near the toe box/sides? Or do you mean mostly over the top of the arch area?
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