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I was able to use it last night as well. When I tried to buy something else today it deducted, but then after checkout said invalid. I have a feeling it might have to do with the email you registered with (first use only?)? The minute I gave my email to checkout, the extra 15% removed itself today and said invalid.
not sure if it's a browser issue, but both totes link to the alpaca travel kit for me
received tracking for daypack and wallet this morning... as I read it the doorbell rang and my package was here hah. I'm in nyc so I would assume a lot of people waiting should be getting theirs soon
stopped in yesterday and was only able to grab an 8.5 in navy for the egxvans, no smaller sizes were left. I was hoping for an 8 in black or navy - if anyone was able to grab a pair and realized they needed an 8.5 shoot me a message.
cock truck x calf fade synergy so strong
anyone know if something with the CdG Play x Converse sizing changed within the last year or so? I could swear they used to come in half sizes and now every store I've checked with only has whole sizes.
Hi All, I am currently employed at a midsize online company, analyzing fine art auction results (2 years). I have a BA in economics/art history and have wanted to move into a fashion or advertising/luxury branding type career. Many of the job posts I've found (buying, luxury branding, general advertising function) all ask for 2-5 years prior experience in the industry. I haven't landed any interviews yet, and would welcome any and all advice via this thread or by private...
Yea I was thinking it was either durability or some kind of aesthetic decision ie. goat grain+suede= texture overload whereas the calf and suede is kind of a smoother contrast (what am I saying???)
goat helmet bag would've been really sweet fleeting side thoughts: any reason why Drew went with calf bottom and trim for this daypack as opposed to the V2 with goat bottom and trim? Was that a matter of durability/cost/aesthetics/availability?
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