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My guess is that you have a piece of shell cordovan from Shinki or maybe Comipel. My understanding is that both Shinki and Comipel skive their shell down to a consistent thickness, though @Deusis would probably be the best to comment on this. I have a couple of shells from Shinki that I got from Hardtke leather. The unfinished side looks like it's definitely been processed in some way. It has a slight suede-like texture with an unusual regular pattern pressed into it:
I've only had bespoke shoes from JP Myhre, so I can't compare the fit to any other bespoke shoemaker, but in my experience, they're the best fitting shoes I own, by far. (Though, I will admit that I thought our first pair was just simply too tight, but I think that is a matter of personal preference.) My 2nd and 3rd shoes have been about as perfect as I can imagine. I would say that I'm a particularly odd fit as well. I have a relatively wide forefoot, with very low instep...
I recently got another pair from JP Myhre. For this pair, we had my previous last copied and he made some minor fit adjustments and narrowed the toe. I originally wanted a two eyelet shoe, like the Corthay Arca, but he strongly advised against it for comfort reasons. So far, it seems to be a good fit! There are a bunch of additional pictures of the shoe and corresponding shoe trees in process on his Instagram feed:
My shoemaker says only 2-3 hours per day for the first 7-10 days while breaking them in and no long walks until they have softened up.
I didn't take anymore pictures before giving them a wear around the house... I couldn't wait! But, here are a few more pictures for you guys anyways.
Just got this pair in #8 shell from JP Myhre:
The reason for that is that, if I understand correctly, Wolverine used to use all of the layers of the shell area, and not just the middle layer that we today use for shell cordovan. There's an epidermis layer above and below the shell membrane. Wolverine used all 3 layers in their work boots. As seen in the old advertisements, they talk about the 3 ply leather (inner layer, inner shell, outer layer).
Any of the shell cordovan Indys will be in non-contrasting stitching. You might want to shoot Tom at LeatherSoul an email to see if he has anything in stock. ShoeMart looks like they have something. Alden SF might have something as well. They had a #8 Indy when I was in the store in March.
Yes, the shipping is insane, but it's pretty typical of what shoemakers charge to send shoes over the Atlantic. (My recollection is that it's about what I paid to send them over there as well.)
$220 for recraft + $111 for shipping back from Norway. I think it's a very fair price for refurbishing a bespoke shoe.
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