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Am living in DC now and I would love to see an Armoury-type store here in DC. It's been so long since I've shopped in a brick and mortar store here . . . most of my shopping is done online nowadays.
+1 for Will Field in DC.
try sherman brothers on 16th and sansom
Nice that you were able to get one suit at discount. I bought two Fitzgeralds the other day at a BB in DC; I only wanted one charcoal and didn't want to buy 2 for 1499. So the SA allowed me to buy a solid charcoal for $750 as long as I bought another patterned Fitz at 40% off (ended up picking up a Navy birdseye for abut 600). Not sure if they were worth the price I paid for them, but 38R staples seem to be hard to find, period.
PM Sent
it doesn't. sale items only.
Price drop to 215
Just got a code (funny how talking to a different rep changes things), but no more 9.5 in Darltons!!
Just called C/S and got denied - they would only give me the code for the sale starting Thurs. Maybe I'll try again later.
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