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Yes I was talking about a waffle knit not under armor. I like them for some reason. I'm not going to be buying anything just yet. I do not like that chelsea link provided. If that is the basic look they all share I would pass. The chukka looks decent enough though. So what is a brand to look into for chukkas / bluchers? Thanks for the trouser input.
Correct me if I'm wrong but a blucher is just basically a loafer /w laces? Any idea of some less expensive brands to check out? I am toying around with the idea of something like these Doc Martens for wear with jeans: - Not sure how they would look with khakis. Thoughts? Not sure how they would look with khakis. What do you think of long sleeve thermals? I have recently discovered the WAYW thread thanks to KPO89....
I am 24 years old. 6'2, 198lbs. My fiance is a cellist and I like to go to performances with her. Other than things like that and work I don't do anything that out of the ordinary. As I will be making a transition from the military here in a few months, I will soon be a full time student. Going to be moving in 2010 based on where she gets into grad school. Will either be Durham/Raleigh, Boston, Ithaca or NYC. I wouldn't want to limit clothing options to a specific...
I have recently gotten the idea in my head that I would like to reinvent my wardrobe. It currently consists of jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, polos and button downs. Obviously the first three are where the problem lays. I would like to replace most of the jeans in my collection with slacks of some kind. Does brand matter all that much when it comes to trousers? I would also like to stop wearing sneakers every day. I obviously need to find myself some good loafers. I will...
Check out the Poor Man's Watch Forum: There are forums as well as a "top 20" list of lower priced watches. These go up to the $500 range but there are some great ones there for cheaper. Sadly the one I had my eye on is discontinued. top 20:
Thanks for all the help guys. I think I will get measured just to be sure, but good idea. I will be making a purchase soon.
I'm suspicious of some of these classified ads. They are such good deals for new suits! Now I just need to get a turkish guy to measure me!
Thanks for all the advice guys. I guess I am going to pass on the Iraqi-job. I will check out the buy and sell forum, any other places to look?
Do I want the canvas on the pants too or just the jacket? I can only imagine the look on their faces when I burn their material!
Thanks for the link, there are a lot of good tips there.
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