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But his suits shoulders are way more prominent then the average Cifo. Is this a personal request from Jacomet.
Yes true.
Any of you guys know which tailor Hugo Jacomet is using?
Cool! I'll try it tomorrow then.
I bought some Animal Stak, but I'm afraid to use it.
I kinda like this. Luca seems a nice guy, I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to disrespect Gennaro Paone the way it's getting blown up on here.
No I'm not sharing. I'll buy you one..
I'm having a large hot chocolate right now.
This would make a nice little present.http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jil-Sander-Woman-No-4-Coffret-EDP-Spray-30ml-1oz-Body-Balm-75ml-2-5oz-2pcs-/311126283847?pt=AU_Fragrances&hash=item4870925647
New Posts  All Forums: