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Apparently, Manton has been sniffing too many swatches of tweed.
It's gonna happen.. http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?67449-Manton-broke-StyleForum!
Foo Klux Klan? Anyone?
Well, if he produces at least the same quality and fit, he will make a fortune, when travelling to Japan. No doubt. It's a bit of a loss for Rubinacci ofcourse he's learned the company's secrets, so to say, and he used to be a main cutter. But Foo is acting a bit like brand-whore here. Maybe loss of "exclusivity", is an issue. It's a serious passion for many tailors to have their own label one day, so Mr. Paone is just living his dream
Well, it would be strange if he'd drastically change the style or fit or at least the same "feeling" of a Rubinacci he made last year, all of a sudden. I know you've had some issues with certain tailors and their reliability or didn't like the chemistry anymore, whatever. But the main focus here is, can or would he cut a suit of similar quality for a lesser price? I don't see how he couldn't. He knows he will attract people that like the style of Rubinacci and at least a...
He certainly seems to be aging well, at least.
I'm pretty sure Mr. Paone can cut a beautiful suit, just like he (probably) did at Rubinacci. The question is, will he continue adding the same amount of handwork, attention in his line of suits. Most probably, past customers of Rubinacci will compare, and I'm pretty sure he is aware of this. If not, well, too bad huh.
Just a little sarcasm Foo, calm down.
I think we're in need of voxsartoria's word on the issues here.
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