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Some kind of jodhpur?
Thanks. 38R is my size, but I have just seen a Seraphin marked down to 700 in a store here. The design of the jacket is a bit flamboyant (as with alot of Seraphin) though. I also have enough blouson for now I'm looking for coats. Good luck selling these.
Unfortunately too large for me. I have heard they're on par with Seraphin/Hermes? Could you tell me a little more about this brand?
I don't remember.
delete please
Have you lost some weight? I think you looked a tad more elegant when more robust, but that's just me. I also like your older suits more then the recent "skinny" Suit Supply ones, but just a matter of (personal) taste.The cream, beige sportcoats I haven't seen you posting them in a while which always looked flattering. Nice casual outfit.
I used to get high on transformers toys, the rush was amazing.
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