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You're weird.
I just made some killer cheddar sauce. I'm really happy now.
Jaisalmer is supposed to be more oriental smelling. They only had Avignon and Kyoto at the store.Lasting power was rather good though. Frankincense frags are a hit or miss to me, one of the few I like is the discontinued, Gucci pour Homme I, from which I have more then a half a bottle left. But I might sell it seeing the prices they ask for it on the Bay.
..Well done.
Nice one.
As for Amouage, I wasn't even that impressed with Homage (only Amouage I tried) I seem to be the only one though but I just didn't care for it. It seemed all kinds of ingredients just thrown in together, a citrusy frankincense with a little rose? What's the deal here?
The fragrance is just too dry for me and not very complex, linear church smell. Have you also tried CDG Jaisalmer?
And I actually liked the loose cut.
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