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Gator tastes like chicken?
Erm. OK. I hope your mom tastes like chicken aswell..
I think fried chicken is good for your health, because it tastes nice. Thank you very much..
How about make steamed buns stuffed with Peking duck meat., which is like the Rubinacci of dim sum..
I think you converted him, really. You're quite charming, you know.
You guys should try and ask for the Peking duck of suits, instead of the usual bbq roast pork (char siu) , maybe.
KFC or just ‘Kentucky’ as the Japanese refer to it, has milked this Christmas tradition in the country ever since, and even portrays their founder and well known icon, Colonel Sanders, as the Father of Christmas, dressing statues of him outside every KFC in Santa suits. Colonel Santa! The custom of eating KFC for Christmas is so popular in Japan that you’ll not only see lines of people snaked outside every branch in the country, but people even reserve their buckets of...
New Posts  All Forums: