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I like to read this thread over and over again.
Kolnisch wasser, then..
Hi b1os, any perfume houses or shops in Germany, preferably Koln, worth visiting? Might take a small trip for some Christmas shopping, soon.
Maybe Gianni wasn't even aware he wasn't always selling vintage handprinted silks, who knows. Apparently his ties are well crafted, sometimes even outsourced by one of Napoli's finest makers. This all was maybe a bit uncalled for.
Well, not only the shoulder. But softer tailoring in general. I love 80's suits by the way, not all were that bad, definately not. People back then oftenly, when well dressed, looked hella more attractive then most people, that (think they) dress sharp nowadays..
I never really understood the soft shoulder obsession here, which was started by clients of the Mediterannean tailors, so to say. Ofcourse these oftenly love softer tailoring, it gets really hot out there. Who wants to wear a uniform when it's almost like 40 degrees celsius out there. But from here it spread to all these tumblrs etc. Don't get me wrong, I like a softer shoulder, but that's only during warmer days or the occasional party jacket.
Interesting, as they already looked pretty stiff back in those days..
OK, thanks for pointing this out. He looks pretty robust, I must say.
He's probably just real old, relax.
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