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It's a shame, really. When people in your town don't like to dress properly, do you even have the opportunity to wear bespoke?
Yes, I was really worried, you know. I was hoping for some patina shots, to be honest..
For those who are interested, I've put up a "Shave of the Day" thread. You may post your after shave colognes etc. there. http://www.styleforum.net/t/443865/classical-shaving-shave-of-the-day
I'm becoming more and more interested in old school shaving which includes reshave and after shave treatment. Also shaving with a shavette or a straight razor, seems like something I'd like to learn in the future. Let's here post our gear, tips and tricks. Pics are welcome. Enjoy!
You gotta be kidding me though, it's one of the nicest exotics I've ever seen..
How's the G&G gator/croc pair going?
You don't like teh red pents?
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