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India is so vast, it's probably better to just concentrate on an area and explore around there instead of hopping around and only getting a superficial feel for a bunch of places.
Go to India
It's entertaining enough and the action more or less moves along. It's a surprisingly quick read for how long it is. There were several passages where I just wanted to pull out my hair and I found the narrator to be insufferable. But yeah, a decent page-turner.
Yes it's a terrible book
Yeah the scuba diving isn't really great there. I traveled around SE Asia a few months and would highly recommend a couple of spots in the Philippines, if you ever make it out that way.
I was in Vietnam in March...in Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh City. I hung out at the beaches of Hoi An and wandered around town, but I didn't do anything particularly exciting. It's nice but tourists far outnumbered the locals (at least in the Old Town) so it got kinda annoying. If you were interested in taking a cooking class, I took the Green Bamboo cooking class, which I would highly recommend. I wasn't in HCMC long, but I had some incredible pho there. I'm sure...
I had a kaiseki meal at Giro Giro Hitoshina in Kyoto. It was an excellent meal, especially for the price. But I had a damn near impossible time finding the place.
dont be sad
Pho Thin (i think that was the name of the place) in Hanoi was really delicious
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