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I had a kaiseki meal at Giro Giro Hitoshina in Kyoto. It was an excellent meal, especially for the price. But I had a damn near impossible time finding the place.
dont be sad
Pho Thin (i think that was the name of the place) in Hanoi was really delicious
Is the top button on hidden placket a usually hidden? Because I believe that it is not on the COS shirts.
Yeah thanks for the tips
Gonna be in Copenhagen for a few days next week. Any shopping recs? Touristy recommendations welcomed too.
Hi, I'm sure this has been discussed before but i was hoping that someone could speak to the quality and general thoughts on Scotch Grain (the Japanese brand) shoes. I came across some derbies that I liked and was gonna pull the trigger soon I think.
thats what i meant, thanks.
Does the Nike Gyasukou clothing generally run a size large?
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