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Returning to the topic of beginner DSLR/mirrorless cameras, what is a good and reliable site for buying cameras secondhand? I know eBay has used cameras but I was wondering if there was a camera-specific site I should be aware of, thanks
Gentle cycle cold I assume? Did you remove the laces
Drank a lot of Maine Beer Co. Lunch and Bissell Bros Substance over the weekend.
Just put up a black lambskin collared moto in size 48 for sale on B&S. See signature Not sure if posting that here is verboten. If so, I will remove this post
Selling a black lamb Collared Moto in size 48. Worn only once. Selling now because I never wear it, it's a nice piece though Measurements: Shoulders 17" Chest 21.1" Midsection 18.7" Waist 19.3" Front body length 22" Back body length 24.1" Sleeve length 25" Sleeve width at pit 7.5" Sleeve width at elbow 6.4" Sleeve width at cuff 5" Buyer pays $15 for shipping. Signature on delivery preferred. All sales final.
Ok makes senseI guess I'm not super set on a DSLR. I just wanted to learn to adjust ISO, f-stop, etc on a higher quality camera than a point and shoot that I've been using previously. Basically, I wanna learn the basics of using a decent camera. But yeah you're right I'm not going to be doing anything super involved. Do you think those mirrorless cameras you recommended secondhand would fit the bill?Thanks for the input
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll def stop by a shop around here when I get a chanceBut can you explain what you mean by this?
I am doing research on my own, but I figured I would ask here as well: I recently moved to a rural-ish town in the Northeast and I thought it was high time I get a DSLR and experiment/learn the basics of photography. I only need a basic beginner camera to learn the ins-and-outs of camerawork. I don't have aspirations of upgrading to top-of-the-line equipment, I probably won't do much (if any) post-processing, and the camera I buy will probably be the camera I keep for a...
Drinking a Founders Project Pam. Good shit
Thanks. I'm an 11.5 in the Flyknit Trainer, which is what i normally wear for all my running shoes. I am an 11 in Vans slipons and Chucks though. Maybe I'll try for an 11 in the Uptempos.
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