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Thanks, I've actually considered putting in tape on the inside of the shoe to slow down the inevitable. Unfortunately, these are the black/white flyknit trainers that I don't think are being sold anymore/at the moment.
Going to Milwaukee for a long weekend. Any particular bars or breweries in or around Milwaukee you guys would recommend checking out?
Question: the fabric near the toe of my flyknits is starting to fray. Any suggestions on how to prevent further fraying or even reverse the process (unlikely, I know). If the fraying develops into a hole the shoes probably go in the trash
Thanks for yr response. I figured as much; just wanted to clarify.
Just curious, are the sunglasses from huckberry and the epaulet kamigata jacket items you actually own or were they donated from forum affiliates for this trip? An the tee shirt too I guess
I went to a 6-11 in Ho Chi Minh City. It wasn't very good...
Thanks man. PM me and we can figure it out. Thanks again
ugh i messed up sizing on the chore jacket. ordered a 2 when i needed a 3 and now stylebop is sold out...there's gonna be a size 2/medium being returned to them this week i guess
Those are guidis you're wearing right? What model? They look real nice.
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