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The tour I went on in Kyoto only covered whiskey and their whiskey facilities and all the samples at the end were various whiskies. Just sayin'
Doesn't suntory make yamazaki? I'm pretty sure I had it when I toured the distillery in Kyoto. But I don't really remember. Who cares though amirite
Suntory is in kyoto
we get it. you work out. congrats
I went to a maid bar last year and can agree that it was an incredibly creepy and unsettling experience. We were all laughs when we walked in but kinda bummed out by the time we left.
ah, thanks
Are you wearing Big John jeans that you guys sell at NMWA?
KoY is 13 and his hairline is already receding. Lo Tragico...
Where are you learning to surf? It's pretty frustrating to learn at first (at least it was for me) but once you get the hang of it, tons of fun. Surf culture can be pretty terrible tho, so your experience may depend on where you learn.
i bought a hellen jo print recently \m/
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