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probably frank leder
recently tried some brews from Omnipollo out of Sweden, I believe. Really excellent stuff. Highly recommend the Abrahadabra
try and see
In the pics on the site, the colors of the shearling collar on the bumfreezer look different depending on the color of the jacket. For ex, the blue bumfreezer jacket looks like an oatmeal collar but on the pics of the beige jacket, the collar looks grey. This is all IMO, of course. Am I seeing this right or are they all the same color and I have to go back to For Eyes for a new prescription? Specifically I'm wondering what the color of the collar will be on the dove...
dope, looks good
what color zips on your DR?
If they are distributing Bell's 2-Hearted in SoCal, that would be my recommendation. That is my go-to recommendation to anyone asking re: IPA's. I had a Ballast Point Grunion yesterday and I prefer that to the Sculpin, tbh.
Fair enough
why wouldn't you support BP after the buyout? does the beer taste any different?
Ah, thanks
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