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KoY is 13 and his hairline is already receding. Lo Tragico...
Where are you learning to surf? It's pretty frustrating to learn at first (at least it was for me) but once you get the hang of it, tons of fun. Surf culture can be pretty terrible tho, so your experience may depend on where you learn.
i bought a hellen jo print recently \m/
museums in london are free so i'd hit up as many as you feel comfortable with. but if i had to choose one i'd recommend the british museum (to take pics of people taking pics of the rosetta stone). bunch of shopping options and good beer bars in shoreditch. i know that there was a bunch of recs given by gdl2003 several months ago for shopping. those suggestions served me well.
Probably another stupid question, but when is the best time to take a whey protein shake? I would assume that it's after my workout but I eat dinner right afterwards and I was under the impression that the body can absorb/utilize only so much protein at a time. Thanks.
lol oops. thanks for the recs
Yeah nutrition I guess. I'm not too worried about the flavor
So if I wanted to buy whey protein, is there some brand generally recommended by RHET? I'm not too particular, so am I just fine picking some up at my local GNC?
India is so vast, it's probably better to just concentrate on an area and explore around there instead of hopping around and only getting a superficial feel for a bunch of places.
Go to India
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