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I would personally skip Navy Pier. It's a giant tourist trap and I don't really know what there is to do there other than ride the giant Ferris wheel
Any opinions in general about Warby Parker sunglasses in general and these Reed sunglasses specifically? https://www.warbyparker.com/sunglasses/men/reed/jet-black-matte Thanks
Did you post the name of the buyer who screwed you?
Slim tapered raw selvedge in lightweight denim. Bought new with tags from Self Edge NYC. I had it hemmed in-store to my desired length but never ended up wearing them Better description of the jeans from 3Sixteen's site: http://www.3sixteen.com/products/st-101x-slim-tapered-lightweight-selvedge Measurements (in inches per 3Sixteen's site): Waist 33 Front Rise 11 Back Rise 13.875 Inseam 31 (after hemming at Self Edge) Thigh 11.25 Knee 8.25 Opening 7.5 (after...
Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Lincoln Park is a nice little oasis, try and get some shots in Humboldt Park or Pilsen or Little Village...areas that people outside of Chicago (and inside for that matter) probably aren't too familiar with. If the folks at Dovetail Brewery in Ravenswood let you take shots inside of their tour, you should do that too. It's definitely different than your standard brewery tour.
Lord Hobo in Cambridge is a good beer spot. Also, the Trillium Brewery in Ft. Point sells great beers. Unfortunately, they only sell bottles to go, but if you are ok taking bottles back to your hotel or home with you, it's definitely worth seeking out.
Why are lamb 5 zips looked upon so poorly?
It is. It really is.
I watched a rerun of Diners Drive-Ins and Dives where Guy was touring London. I missed the first part of the episode but he seemed to enjoy the food at Hook Camden and Bird of Smithfield
Do it already. Marry your wife for chrissakes
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