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Went on a mini road trip and had a ton of great beers from the NE that I don't have access to here in the Midwest. Checked out the Other Half brewery in Brooklyn (great), Tired Hands in PA (greater), Right Proper and Bluejacket in DC (ok and good, respectively), and stopped by Hoppin Frog in Akron and bought a bunch of Ohio beers to bring back with me. I finally got to try a Hill Farmstead beer at Beer Street in Williamsburg, which was delicious. I thought the name was...
I would say black, but I pretty much only wear black. I'm gonna be in NYC next week. Any recs on stores to visit that sell Nikes that I probably wouldn't be able to find here in America's heartland? Other than 21 Mercer? Thanks.
I think he's saying it will generally look bad on dudes who aren't narrow shouldered/hipped. Sure there might be items here and there that work but generally...not. Tank-butted dudes who lust after SS bottoms just need to come to terms with this I guess?
Obv there could be items here and there that do work for you but if a designer's general aesthetic doesn't work for you then...not a good look?
Isn't that what he's saying though?If you're a broad-shouldered and lusciously-hipped fella, then SS probably won't work for you and you should generally stay away because the pieces aren't right for your build.
If you come back, Pequod's in Lincoln Park or Art of Pizza in Lakeview are superior deep dish pizzas IMO. Lots of good food and breweries in the city actually.
Thanks, I've actually considered putting in tape on the inside of the shoe to slow down the inevitable. Unfortunately, these are the black/white flyknit trainers that I don't think are being sold anymore/at the moment.
Going to Milwaukee for a long weekend. Any particular bars or breweries in or around Milwaukee you guys would recommend checking out?
Question: the fabric near the toe of my flyknits is starting to fray. Any suggestions on how to prevent further fraying or even reverse the process (unlikely, I know). If the fraying develops into a hole the shoes probably go in the trash
Thanks for yr response. I figured as much; just wanted to clarify.
New Posts  All Forums: