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Just got a pair of american sixteeners slim and I'm super pumped to break them in! fit awesome. I usually wear naked and famous weird guy, but I think i like this better. I think there's a little more taper
Unibroue 17 Grande Reserve. Had my doubts, but it is awesome. If you need a belgian, this is how one should taste!
Just put on my Japan blue oxford and I am very pleased. Perfect weight for winter and a nice trim fit, but not as tight like a band of outsiders shirt. I especially like the arm holes that allow a lot of movement but are still slim. For reference, I am 6 ft 180 lbs and ordered a medium. I am about to pick up the white oxford. Awesome job.
Definitely Naked and Famous, their deep indigo ones are great for $150 and if you want some heavy denim then their elephant 2 is $165, if you are going to spend $100 then you might as well spend a little more and get something that will last. If not, then levis are good for the price...lots of colors, lots of washes, and a bunch of fits it has a good graphics card and uses the core i5 2500k (which can be overclocked) but is way more power than you need to play games
Just to let you know if you want to see more of Hawaii, I used to live on Oahu, and if money is not too much of a problem, there are boats/ planes that go between the islands for a fairly cheap price
Big drop! need these gone $10 off total on multiple buys!
Price drops!
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