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Ok so I'm in Berlin and Munich this week. I know people say it's incredibly easy to find GATs over here but can anyone point this special flower in the right direction? Yes I have gone into more than a few shoe stores and seen none.
Any idea if there will be a restock of ironhearts to SENY around the first weekend in August? Planning on visiting and I really want to try a few pairs (especially beatle busters).
Madison is great, along with context you could check out Atticus. Depending on what days you're going to be there you should check out the huge farmers market or free concerts by the symphony right next to context on the capital square. Check out The Old Fashioned for Wisconsin beer, brandy old fashions, and tasty (albeit unhealthy) treats. Brunch is awesome at Sardine on the lakefront, see if you can get seated in Australian Leah's section .
Ok I'm in. Just received a pair from context that are gonna be worn every day at work til someone notices.
Any place I can find these in a 31 W and enter?
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Dude, you wouldn't be able to get into a real S/M. That's 36/38. You're a 42. You're an XL. This is either inspired or idiocy. Something tells me I just fell for the bait.
Any idea what the warranty on 1k boots is? The leather sole on my split and they haven't responded to me at all yet
wore them probably every other day or more, sno-sealed them when I got them. my apologies for the huge pictures
Any recommendations on fixes for this or any info on wolverines warranty? I've had them for less than a year. Also if anyone can recommend a good site to host images this is a headache
Saw Robyn/Diamond Rings in concert last night and I'm pretty sure Diamond Rings was rocking a blue double rider with red interior. Can you guys confirm?
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