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Question about Nudie Thin Finn Organic Ecru Embos I tried on a pair at the store (29x34) and they were TIGHT. I could button & zipper them up pretty easily, but everything else was pretty damn snug. Question: How much will they stretch? I would've tried a 30, but there were none in stock. Should I stick with the 29s and hope for stretching or play it safe and get the 30s? For reference, my best fit jean that weren't too tight would be my APC NS in 29.
This may be true. There's not much chance for an engineering student to get out and do crazy things, unfortunately... In any case, since I finally figured out how to use the timer on my camera, here are some more pics:
Nudie RRDS (~2 years, 1 wash) compare with a year ago, no wash: APC NS (1 year, no wash) one year of wear, no wash
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Maybe, but which way? hmm.. i don't know if i should be offended or not
Le Tigre Guess Belt Nudie Regular Ralf Puma high tops by Mihara some sort of sleepy, half-assed "gangsta" signal
American Apparel Tee Nudie Regular Ralfs Guess Belt (Not pictured) Nike Dunks some cheap-ass aviators from H&M great shot, eh?
I got a 29x34, thinking that the waist would be fine for me seeing as the H&M original dry pair I bought a while back was 29x32 (they were a bit short). However, the Nudies are much tighter than I expected so I'm returning them for a 31x34. Just one question, it seemed as if the very top of the jeans (the waist) didn't seem very tight at all while the thighs area didn't give me any breathing room. Is this because they are supposed to be worn a little lower than the...
i mean ones like these. laces out, velcro thing strapped? laces in, velcro thing strapped? or with the velcro thing just open and flapping around like the "cool" kids seem to be wearing them today.. i cant tell which way is proper.
to the top?
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