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Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi Vegas has heat at about 2 to 1. I'm pulling for the heat and think they will win it, but it's a lot closer than 2 to 1. Just the regular season record should have you respecting the Bulls more than that. yeah that line makes no sense. im certainly pulling for the bulls
so.. Michael Jordan released a commercial to respond to Lebrons Rise commercial..
What are your thoughts on the film?
the salvatore ferragamo ipad case... in calfskin leather...
Quote: Originally Posted by onion NotCouture is pretty good... and so is UnabashedlyPrep
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Styleforum taught me how to respect other people's opinions, develop my own personal style into something unique, and how to be kind to others. Same here... StyleForum has also taught me that I dont know everything... I might not know anything...
Quote: Originally Posted by TM79 This is being overthought. My own personal preference is v-neck undershirts that don't show. But it's not like I'll judge someone or look down at someone for wearing a bright crewneck under a dark flannel. There really shouldn't be a defined rulebook for style & fashion because then you're basically turning "well dressed" into yet another mall brand by producing cookie cutter outfits and molds. Kinda dumb if you...
What are you thoughts on this Roger Goodell written by one of the writers of
Quote: Originally Posted by dareone sadly, you just won't find too many people who could actually appreciate jordans on this forum. personally, i am huge fan (although not so much with the retroes) of jordans, especially of the v's and xi's. there's a lot of history behind each of the shoes... i have a few pairs that I wear on occasion.. i guess i should be visiting hypebeast
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