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Is correct, Loiseau also!
Benoît Violier now, Homaru Cantu year before!
To me the Moncler look is for arrivistes/nouveaux riches Russians and Italians! I think the company spend much money for the boutique, no much money for product, is a faux héritage brand!
After I read Esquire America September 2015 article "Not I, But the Grace of Bobo, Which Was with Me" of Nick Tosches (who say in article he have much like of Zimmerli at least old production) I have find this: https://twitter.com/usdcedny/status/660186931205120000 and I have see...
Hamilton have no more pussycat, but he have two dog, one man dog, one bitch, must to be good for mind, he win much grands prix!
Chartreuse (mix green and yellow) and chatte rousse!
Université / Universität
Lewis Hamilton must to win! Also Kimi Räikkönen =
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