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I'm looking to get a bunch of shirts done with tab collars similar to those Tom Ford made for Skyfall last year. Unlike the Brooks Brothers version, which is fairly short, they have a longer point and some flexibility to them. Would like to do a snap tab rather than button. Anyone had this done by Luxire? Hoping there is a preexisting design to work off.
I'm traveling right now so don't have photos, but I just received a pair of the burgundy shell Park Avenues that I ordered during the sale. I specifically waited until they were out of stock in my size (10.5C) so that I would get the new shell darker finish. Indeed, they are much darker than the old finish that I felt was too pink-hued. These are closer to Alden's #8, although more red/black than eggplant. Very, very, nice, rich finish. If you're going to get a pair...
Could use some advice... Yesterday I picked up a pair of brown shell Strands. They were covered with bloom out of the box and I took some time in the evening to brush them well. The color that has emerged is much lighter than I expected, almost like a milk chocolate. It is definitely unique, but it doesn't look that pleasing to my eye and I'm not sure what it would go with. I was expecting a much darker brown closer to the burnished brown calf shoe. Should I return...
I would guess (and hope) that they had to do it in order to make the shoes eligible for recrafting. Our BB in New Orleans is next door in the Canal Place mall to the AE store. When I saw the AE models at BB earlier in the year I quizzed my SA about it, particularly how they had differentiated the models (tap sole, insole) and whether recrafting was possible. He said that he doubted it since BB wasn't being forthcoming about the AE brand. We both speculated that a nice...
Looks like one more post gets me PM...I have lurked too long.
Tried to PM, but couldn't. Email Paypal invoice to ADDRESS REMOVED FOR PRIVACY and I'll purchase.
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