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I am shopping for a suit for my wedding and considering going with a SS Havana fit. I have a few of their SCs in that fit and they work well because I have broad shoulders and padded shoulders typically leave a dimple at the top of the arm. My ceremony/reception is outdoors and will not be too formal, but I am concerned that the unstructured look of the suit, and particularly the patch pockets will look too informal and I'll regret wearing that. Is this an irrational...
Anyone have an opinion on this tux? Looking for a classic black tux for weddings and black tie events.
Finally saw the JAB tuxedo in person and was not a fan. The styling was very traditional, but the fit was terrible, with a boxy cut and very stiff padded shoulders. I prefer a more natural looking shoulder and slimmer cut. I think i've narrowed my search to the...
Thanks. Any idea how wide the lapels are?
Thanks for the responses. Do you guys think this tux jacket might be worth a look? The price is right but can't tell if the lapels are too large at 5 inches.
Considering a suitsupply tux for black tie events. Anyone have opinions/experience with this tux? I'm looking off the best tux for
Reviving an old thread for advice on which tuxedo to buy for a wedding (not mine). I want a black peak lapel tux that I'll be able to wear to future weddings and black tie events, and looking to spend
Does anyone have an opinion on the versatility of these? s the pattern too loud?
Reviving an old thread to get some opinions on these glen plaid suit trousers. Are these versatile enough to wear as a separate, with either a solid dress shirt or with a solid navy blazer?
Thanks, Cal. That's really helpful. I'd love to see a picture of yours. Do you have any advice on sizing? I'm 5 ft 8, 170 with broad shoulders and normally a 40s. Do I go TTS?
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