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I have a brand new with tags Kamakura Tokyo Slim Fit, light blue spread collar shirt in a size 16/33. Please see the link below for a detailed description from the Kamakura website. Thanks
Looking to sell a 16/33 Tokyo Slim Light Blue Spread Collar Broadcloth shirt I purchased and do not want to keep. It is new without tags. If anyone is interested, please PM me.
Anyone know if the venetian loafers have the same heal height as the beefroll pennies? They appear to be a little shorter on the venetians, but it could be a trick of the eyes...
What is the concensus on Jack Spade sunglasses... I had read(and heard from a sales rep) that they were made by Selima Optique who is a reputable and quality producer, but the shades on Jack Spade's site do not mention this. Specifically interested in this model... http://www.jackspade.com/bryant-sunglasses/BRYANTPS.html Anyone have this/seen in person, and would care to comment on the quality and style?
Couldn't find anything to use my 40% off coupon on, and ended up selecting this tie in red white and blue because I wanted to take advantage of discount: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Textured-Sidewheeler-Stripe-Tie/MA01486,default,pd.html?dwvar_MA01486_Color=RED&contentpos=10 Did I make a bad choice? can't tell if the tie is nice and clean looking for spring/summer or too preppy...
Anyone know when the next $40 shirt + tie deal will be? Seems like there has been less promotions/discounts as of late. Is that just because they recently put out a new collection or is their strategy changing?
should have mentioned I am willing to buy a used watch. just looking for some ideas of decent chronos in that style/palette, and then plan to be patient with sales, ebay etc., so the watch could retail for higher than my price range.
In the market for a new dress watch, and looking to spend 3-400. Really like cream/tan faced watches, and looking for something similar to these: http://www.amazon.com/Ingersoll-IN1800CR-Richmond-Automatic-Cream/dp/B000L90B6S http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rotary-Mens-Brown-Leather-Cream-face-Chronograph-Watch-Waterproof-Boxed-/140927255312 I like the brown leather, tan face and ideally looking for a chronograph. Any suggestions?
It may have been acryclic... I can get the shirt at a 20% discount, but it's still steep at 100$. I'm not so concerned with durability in the sense of whether the shirt will literally fall apart or not. I just worry about buying a 100$ shirt that, when put through the wash a few times, looks like crap because of the synthetic materials. This is an area I know almost nothing about, and don't think I own any shirts that aren't 100% cotton.
I thought donegal was common with wool, which is why I said I would have thought it would be 100% wool (especially at that price point). I checked it out in store the other day and it's like 20% cotton and the rest is polyester and some other synthetic material I can't recall. The collar is not too flimsy in my opinion, and my main concern is the material. Is the material a sign that the shirt won't hold up well after some wear and washes?
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