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Really like this - can you explain what NOBDII stands for?
Hi Everyone I have a BNWT Jcrew X Wallace & Barnes Skiff Jacket. Black, Small. $145 shipped. Thanks
Hi Everyone I have a rarely worn Bonobos Pea Coat purchased last year. It is quilted with plaid, extremely comfortable and much warmer than the previous Sterlingwear Authentic Pea coat I used to have. More details can be found here: http://www.bonobos.com/navy-peacoat Looking for $180 shipped obo. Images to come tonight. Pit-to-pit: 21.5" Front neck (not collar) to bottom: 25 3/4" Shoulder seam to wrist: 23 1/2" Back neck (not collar) to bottom: 28 3/4" size...
Just got my shirt back and am very impressed to how close it was to replicating the shirt I sent in. From the time I sent it in to getting the replicated shirt back took about 1 month. Am very pleased with the results and will be ordering more in the near future.
I finally got myself a tablet in my last semester of school. Wish I had it from the start. With all the HBS case studies your friend will have to read, the tablet will be beyond handy. Make sure it has a decent sized screen - mine is a 10" and makes reading PDFs and books a breeze.
stick with solid navy, switch up the tie for variance.
My post does state that I emailed them...
Hi Luxire I ordered my first shirt a month ago, but sent in the shirt to be replicated last week. Within the package that I shipped my shirt in, I left a note asking for a few requests and have followed up with an email to inquire about the request, but have not yet heard back. My order number is 2823 - would you mind following up on this for me? Thanks!
Do you normally bring your own cloth? If so, where does one go about purchasing cloth!?Thanks
I am 30, CFA Level 3 Candidate, and was earning $85k pre-bonus before starting school - so not too far from where you are at now. Program was hovering around 45, but I'll be starting at a wall st firm this summer, with 100+ starting and 40-50% bonus. All about networking, not necessarily about top programs (which of course helps with attracting companies to schools). That said, sounds like you are in pretty good shape to make it into a top 15 program. The program will...
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