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You know you got my vote Gary--and I'm a legit townie!
Another price drop: $110 shipped to the US.
Price dropped to $115. Come on guys, this is a good good deal...
43" chest 25" vert length 24" sleeve 18" shoulder keep in mind, the sweatshirt is pretty thick
Price dropped.
$120 Shipped to the US. Good deal here my fellows...
Shoulder (seam to seam): approx 19" Thanks again. -gc
sold Sold Sold
Conny jacket still available--but will be sold soon. Price drop to $140 and accepting reasonable offers. Thanks!
Searched the thread but didn't find anything... Can anybody comment Kala frames? They're supposedly made in the usa in california i think? Any knowledge of the brand and/or thoughts on quality/design would be appreciated.
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