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You cannot go wrong down Jermyn St, most if not all the shirt makers there offer MTM and bespoke to suit most budgets. I am a Turnbull man although quite pricey for bespoke the fit is perfect for me and finest quality.
i use a similar to this prada one, perfect for my laptop, charger docs etc.. although a little expnsive mine is 7 years old and still going strong.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I just wash all my shirts in the machine at 30 degrees... ditto. never had any issues with £50, £100 and even £200 shirts!
i think it doesn;t really matter...i have never really paid attention to it...i'v just checked mine today and i do have the edges showing!! must be the way i just automatically fold my PS...
I have 2 pairs of Tom ford the TF108 'james bond' and the TF 103 'hunter'. I love them both and fit very well indeed. They are however a smaller style aviator type glasses...i like them this way.
Definately AC for me..the luxury shirts line are amazing very well made.
If i saw a pair of John Lobbs for £100 and were half a size bigger then damn yes i would buy them... otherwise never..for my feet a half size bigger makes a difference a big difference. They may fit OK for the first few days but after a short while my feet will be sliding all over the place!!
there's nowt wrong with black pocket squares in my humble opinion.
I wear a pink dress shirt for work quite often, never had any probs/comments whatsoever..
110% fake.
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