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I am 23 lol so I'm pretty young in that respect, hence why I want to hold onto the trends of skinny jeans etc.
so im revamping my style away from street wear because honestly, its just too casual for me and i don't enjoy wearing a lot of the stuff. my best female friend came up with a good outfit which i love. basically thin courdroury dark maroon shirt, very/skinny blue jeans with dark brown 2 toned shoes. all buttons on the maroon done up apart from the very top one, and a black jacket. tbh it looks awesome and i feel like a millionaire. its great in an evening setting away...
Hey guys, I want to start styling and maintaining my beard. At the moment, I wet shave every 2-3 days. On the day I shave, it will look really good if I don't get spots/redness/cuts/bleeding. The day after, it doesn't look so great, third day looks scruffy. Therefore I'm looking respectable IMO for 1/3 my time, at a stretch 50%. The other problem I have is a bit of stress induced alopecia due to hospital examinations. I have: 1) Sideburns not joining to beard (yet, they...
Okay, so I have a tendancy to always wear shoes which have a thicker heel. Not high heels like a girl obviously but if I have a par of Nike Air Max's or Booths, I'd wear them over other stuff. Now the problem comes in finding a trainer/sneaker with that cushioned heel AND still looks nice. Are there any suggestions? I literally don't know where to start. My budget is like £60 please.
anyone know of a non-baller version of Louis vuitton dons all red: http://www.pvkii.com/imag/gallery/lo...kers-60ac7.jpg
hahah thats hillarious man. i really want a suit to the color like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meSn2cbL6F8 but i cant find anywhere in the UK with a blue suit like that.
Hey, I've got a medics ball this week so I'm hoping to buy a suit. Any suggestions? I usually go for tux or black suit but I want something different this year. I was thinking a blue suit? Any suggestions on nice colors etc. would be much appreciated along with ties? Just something a bit different but still classy.
i just bought a pair of black raw denim APC. im confused though, the guy i bought them from said you can wash them because they dont have indigo in them? he said they do fade though (double confused). please can someone elraborate.
im buying stansmiths/rodlavers today for £50... but before i do, are better trainers (white simple) available for less or a bit more?
reccomend me some nice white trainers please. currently considering adidas stan smiths (55 pounds)... would like to be in that price range. thanks. x
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