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Was planning on coming, but have come down with a nasty cold. In everyone's interest that I don't attend. Hope you all have a good one.
Will have to miss it. Will be working in Houston that week.
Both pairs look nice. I ordered a pair of suede monkstraps at the same event, but they have yet to arrive. Actually haven't heard anything out of AS since the order. Assume it will be forthcomign soon.
I think all the shoes were $1300 US. Not sure about some of the ankle boots. They may have been more, but I didn't enquire about their pricing.
Just got back into town and saw this. I will try and attend.
I'm having one made in a dark green/bronze birdseye pattern by Mahon at English Cut at the moment. No pictures yet as I don't have the jacket. Just ordered it this past spring. Also have one in navy with a subtle burgundy windowpane. Contrary to the general consensus here, mine are made in worsted fabrics. Anything else I find just too warm for me, even in San Francisco.
This will be interesting. I have had 2 suits and 1 odd jacket made by Tom over the past 2 years. They are fantastic and I think very well-priced for true bespoke. I have been contemplating ordering a couple of new odd jackets on his next stateside trip, and might consider the MTM option. For suits I will probably stick with the full bespoke. Still, an interesting development, and I hope the venture succeeds for Tom and Paul.
I recently bought a pair of 1947's from A-B Fits in San Francisco. U.S. made all the way. I love them, but they were not cheap. Somewhere over $200 if I remember correctly. Can't remember the exact price however. Still can't believe I paid that much for jeans, but they're really nice. They don't mention that they stick Levi's on their web site, but they do.
Just not that big a demand for suits out here. Those that wear them are probably happy with the more traditional things they get from Brooks Bros, or the department stores. More fashion-conscious folks would probably go the Paul Smith or something like that. You might want to try a tailor named Esmail Astanboos. He makes very nice shirts, and also supposedly has a long history tailoring suits. However, I cannot vouch for the suits, and do not know about his prices. ...
Sorry. Will be entertaining some guests that night and then catching the redeye to Houston.
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