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Thank you Ivwri. It was August Sander I was thinking of . I remember Yohji thumbing through his book of photography on "Notebooks on Cities and Clothes."
Not trying to flame, but I'm pretty sure that Yohji's inspiration for his menswear is Western dress of the late 19th century. His spring collection '12 collection is about European tailoring up top and Japanese traditional clothing on the bottom. Maybe you were looking at that collection.(Yohji people please correct me if I'm wrong. I've wondered about this myself actually.)
The state of the cravat world is in disarray. Even venerable old houses offer no attractive options.
Edited for stupid joke. My bad.
Shah: Do you know any sources for fine, plain silk cravats? The only ones I ever see are patterned in the worst way.
I don't understand. I draw the line when people wear socks and sandals with their armor. Where are their Allen-Edmonds? Different doesn't always look good.
Everyone should just block him and quit replying to him. I admit i fell into his trap. He unsalvageable.
You seem to have (unwittingly?) illustrated my point exactly. Looking at parker's fit and saying it's just a t shirt and jeans is like saying that many of the great suits posted in the MC forum are "just suits" or chugging some 30-year aged scotch because it's "just booze." You are really missing the forest for the trees and i feel sorry for you, man. Please continue with this thread. It is obvious there is no hope for quadcammer.
I don't think Parker's fit is revolutionary at all. I don't think anyone said that. In fact, the simple black and white scheme is what makes it so effective. You say he just looks like an average guy in jeans and trainers. He does. It's not supposed to stand out. It's not supposed to catch your attention.One of the edicts tossed around here is that a well dressed man should draw attention to himself, not his clothes. Parker has taken the essence of this statement and...
Now i'm a little confused. You think those guys posted above are mediocre? You said parker's colors were mediocre, but he's wearing a very similar color scheme.
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