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It's just not the same.
Don't be mad stitches the MC Casual thread is hilarious right now. Just accept it for what it is and chill over here more. Happy Birthday!
Dammit why is the reverse denim zip backpack women sized only?
Spotted the Calvin Klein Collection neoprene megaman jacket in the new Star Trek movie. You guys know the one. Good to see the future of 2234 or whatever arrived in A/W 2009.
Stitches, thick cardigan + big beard demands a wider-brimmed hat. (You probably knew that already, but it still looks pretty good.)
PF Flyers are comfier and constructed better than converse, and since those look just like JPs, I say go for it.
Just don't buy Franzia. Other boxed wines are decent, and better for the environment than glass and corks.
This is far from the mediumest. This is really awesome.
Well, that's still a little weird for the U.K. but from what I've heard, it's not unusual to get a big glass of vermouth when you order a martini in countries without a large cocktail culture. In Italy, for example, Martini & Rossi Bianco is one of the most popular "happy hour" drinks (as it should be, that stuff is freakin delicious).
I'm more of a "grab-and-go" guy so i always look for cash in a wallet first. They say there's more money in identity theft these days but i dunno, maybe I'm just an old soul. I like the feel of cash in hand. Oh wait, you guys were talking about something else?
New Posts  All Forums: