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I picked up a KW 16" white linen square as a companion to my KW 12' white linen square, and, to my surprise, there is a marked difference in color and texture. I would almost call the 16" inch square "natural" Anyone else have experience with both of these squares? Is this normal?
I wore these for a month or so about two years ago before I decided they weren't my style. They've been collecting dust ever since. The jeans show some signs of wear, but they have never been washed. I also managed to rip a belt loop slightly. Maybe they came that way. Who knows; it never really bothered me and I'm sure you can fix it. Please take these jeans off my hands. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions
I think that's the woman who is "too good looking" from the article about how tough it is being beautiful that someone posted a few pages back.
I realized what I find so unsettling about this guy as i browsed through his Instagram.HE CAN'T CLOSE HIS MOUTHWhat gives? Is he stressed all the time? He looks like a koi fish trying to nibble some breadcrumbs at the surface of a pond.
It's just not the same.
Don't be mad stitches the MC Casual thread is hilarious right now. Just accept it for what it is and chill over here more. Happy Birthday!
Dammit why is the reverse denim zip backpack women sized only?
Spotted the Calvin Klein Collection neoprene megaman jacket in the new Star Trek movie. You guys know the one. Good to see the future of 2234 or whatever arrived in A/W 2009.
Stitches, thick cardigan + big beard demands a wider-brimmed hat. (You probably knew that already, but it still looks pretty good.)
PF Flyers are comfier and constructed better than converse, and since those look just like JPs, I say go for it.
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