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I have yet to be mistaken for an employee of Bannana Republic.
Crew neck T shirts, polo shirts, sport shirts. I always look great.
Usually when a babe says your fat it's a sign she wants it.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 why don't you just imitate the dressing style of some of the "successful" guys you see on campus? i.e., those who are getting laid.
I am do it all of the time. If too big I just stuff em up with tollet paper so they fit. When they small, I slits em up the back and tape em back with duck tape then polish up tape with write color polish. I am doing it that away.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI Anyway, i've noticed that the majority of the folks here are for some reason against full black suits? Why is that? Because someone that they would rather be told them that's what they should think.
"Go get the car; Tony needs to meet some a' da guys from Brooklyn down at the Bing."
If you wear it everyday, what do you wear when it is at the dry cleaner's? Do you vacation when it is being cleaned?
A great man of style, a true inspiration. Loved that leather jacket from the Thriller video.
Define "OK."
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