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Quote: Originally Posted by funkyprez jaxm, there's a little bit of difference, but I can't really tell. stretch much in the waist? do you think it'll stretch more? Yeah it stretched a shit ton in the waist and some in the thighs. Before the stretching I could barely even grab the denim around my thighs, now it comes easily. Although the overall silhouette of the jeans hasn't changed much, the comfort has gone up considerably and I still...
I stand corrected.
You aren't going to find APC raw denim on sale or discounted anywhere. Most likely.
2 weeks later
Quote: Originally Posted by Alcibiades Are the jeans being puit on sale during this summer sale or not I've been looking to pick up some rescues I don't believe the jeans are ever marked down.
Quote: Originally Posted by funkyprez Jaxm, when they do stretch out, can you post some new pics? I'm also a 33 and am debating getting a 30 or 31. Of course. I'm just hoping they do, lol.
I'm 5'10, 185lbs, and white. sux4me
Alright, will do. Thanks for the quick replies.
Yeah I can button them fine. I just want to make sure they're going to become wearable in public before I continue to try and break them in.
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