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I have experience in this both in law and the practice area you are talking about. To be blunt, the fact that you are talking about working for a "white collar law firm" tells me that you haven't done enough research. White collar defense work is largely handled by large law firms, although there are smaller firms and solo practitioners who take these kinds of cases. There are very few law firms that dedicate themselves solely to criminal law (note that I'm not referring...
If the light grey with the 18" shoulders doesn't work out or another appears, I'm there!
I would take a look at Howard Yount or Panta (when they are available).
I stand corrected. Mixing my romance languages up right now.
Jesus, guys. He's just asking what kind of general style are those shoes. In a similar price range I would check out Crockett and Jones's Derby shoes, some of Alden's various Bluchers, or some of Romano Martegani's Lucca2 model. Shoe Mart, Pediwear, Franco's have a number of models available online, in addition to the manufacturer websites.
So many rocks up in my watch I can't tell what the time is.
The first thing I would do is get your measurements taken because that will tell you whether RTW is a possibility. If RTW is possible, I would cruise discount brick and mortar stores (e.g. Nordstrom Rack) and online (B&S, eBay, Shopthefinest, Ehaberdasher, Yoox, seasonal sales etc.). For up to $1,500 you can find an extremely nice suit at a good discount, and you will likely save some money instead of going straight to your local MTM retailer.
I have not seen many 1 button suits that I liked, although I have seen some very casual 1 button sportcoats that are nice. If it was my decision, I would go for a blazer/suit hybrid with patch pockets if I wanted to try to increase versatility.
Solid or Glenplaid light grey is underappreciated by RTW manufacturers, yet it is a fantastic suiting option. While I think a pinstripe suit in a versatile color is great, there is a bevy of options out there.
New Posts  All Forums: