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Quote: Originally Posted by nicewithit Navigation is probably also displayed on there. It's called HUD(heads up display) and the technology is really old actually, its also offered by many car manufacturers. That interior and it's buttons are overkill in that Buick. The Z4 interior is pretty nice although i've never been a fan of the aluminum Bmw uses. I prefer their piano black trim. I knew they have HUDs on aircraft, but not cars,...
Quote: Originally Posted by onion Cocaine can be absorbed through the skin. If someone were brushing their teeth with it on a regular basis, I think it's likely they would fail a drug test. I didn't know that. Interesting... because I thought only steroids did that
Tobacco is taxed because they care about your health. Oh yeah, thats 100% bullshit
Well, I want to hear my music when driving...
lol i'm sorry but that wacky thing with two horn buttons (wtf??) looks like a sex toy
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason LOST MY MOTHER FUCKING WALLET WITH ALL MY CARDS, ALL MY ID, AND ALL MY MOTHERFUCKING GODDAMN MONEY IN IT, AND NOT A SINGLE GODDAMN USELESS XIAOQI CHINK WILL DO THE COMMON COURTESY OF TURNING IT IN, MOTHERFUCK not to mention it was my custom made wallet, I have to go on a trip in 3 days and I have no way of getting any fucking money for the trip in that time, not to mention my foreign bank cards are irreplaceable here...
Yes, but what do you all mean boring? Thanks for the advice zippyh, I liked how you compared it to other cars. The main thing thats bothering me is that people are calling it boring. What do they mean? the engine? The exterior? I don't want a big flashy car, but a nice understated luxury car. I can't afford coupes because of price and insurance.
Thanks. Much appreciated
Which cigar do you suggest a noob like me try first? And what (I'm really sorry lol) exactly is a brandy? Like Jack Daniels or something?
I own noobz on halo 3. Plus I also play sports games on the xbox 360 because it looks way better, and the controls are more fluid and comfortable. Besides, the Halo franchise cannot be topped IMO aaaannnddd Xbox Live. Suck it playstation
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