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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Who will replace the white collar worker? The answer? The no collar worker. - B Viva la henley!
Quote: Originally Posted by DBoon MJK, that's not really such an obnoxious offer. Greg Olsen is poised for a huge breakout...wouldn't be surprised if he does better than Dallas Clark this year. I would be. Quote: And hell...if TO has a good year and Gore another mediocre one, even TO for FG is decent. Unless you have no other RB options That's a lot of if's.
It's really interesting listening to the Doo Wop Box, especially noting how doo-wop evolved into an early form of surf music near the end. GS, am I right in thinking this?
80% of this album is mediocre 10% is godly, 10% is awful plan2cop accordingly
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Well I am not going, nor have ever gone to college, so those aren't exactly available topics of conversation for me. It was never my intention to hijack this thread, I just empathize quite a bit with the OP. Even when describing approaching women as some sort of protocol, people always make the actual conversation part seem trivial. "If she makes eye contact with you three times, go up and start a conversation....
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie It's my medical opinion that you should continue drinking. Delirium Tremens can be fatal.
Quote: Originally Posted by dibadiba usually i hate your fits but this is pimpin
Quote: Originally Posted by Trendy Sing Sing About twenty minutes 4 or 5 times a week. But it's usually open as a tab when im facebook stalking or watching porn this is a dangerous precedent
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Forgot to put it here. Channeling barims/Neo, so time for something completely different. I figured, why walk when you can fly? Looks great, though the hat looks a little dated to me. It makes you look older.
Quote: Originally Posted by sbbbjm keep it, but trim it, and shape it - in an attempt to make it a little more, neat and 'deliberate' VS scruffy and lackadaisical about grooming. i would shave the neck and make a nice square line on the jawline and chin, and then shape the upper cheek part. +1. OP looks pretty trustworthy though, if that helps.
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