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This thread is full of ridiculousity. OP: Those shoes are ugly. No running shoes with jeans. Cross trainers, street sneakers, etc. are fine. By and large the most fashionable athletic footwear are the ones that shouldn't be used for real athletics. I will wear adidas superstars with jeans often. Then again, I'm not a part of the skinny jeans set. Also, I'm 18.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo From my days in the military, I'd always keep a drop or two of water in my Kiwi shoe polish tin, and would dip my cotton cloth in water a couple times to add shine during the shine. I did that for my leather boots and my low quarter dress shoes.... +1. Except substitute "CAP" for "military" Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano I'm a big-timer, I use unicorn tears. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz I wear Paisley. It's cool and the Paisley pattern is part of my Indian heritage. +1
So does the Georgetown Rugby store also sell RRL jeans? I've been thinking about getting a pair. Where is the closest place to get them from Georgetown?
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor if you really are not employed by them. browse through this and other clothing web sites for a few months. browse better clothing stores. and try on better garments. listen to what others are saying. digest all this. then go back to this website, and see if it really impresses you. when you are new to this everything is impressive. isn't this basically what i just said? i am a newbie. this is a clear...
I've been lurking for about a week and a half, thanks. I merely was looking for some opinions, not accusations of conflict of interest. Nice site, though. The WAYWT threads have me reading with rapt attention.
If only, sir, if only. Information like this is invaluable to a newbie like me. What do you all think?
A lot of you need to stop talking about music. To anyone who knows an ounce about hip-hop you are exposing yourselves as idiots. This goes mostly to those talking about Kanye's musical capabilities (or, as you claim, his lack thereof). If you're actually a fan of the genre, feel free to correct me. If you've never listened to The College Dropout and Late Registration, you really don't have much room to talk. I'm not going to say IMO, because obviously if I'm saying it...
First post. I discovered this website about 4 days ago and have been following it religiously. Half an hour ago I watched the Daily Show. The only thing I remember is that Jon Stewart was wearing a spread collar. It looked pretty alright. I don't know what's happening to me.
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