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Quote: Originally Posted by Razele TOJ is dope. While I want Julius stuff I know from what experienced members here have said that it is just too volatile in terms of direction and will change at a moments notice. While the whole image seems retarded to me, there are individual pieces that I like, that woul fit my aesthetic. Here's a pic of julius stuff being worn in a not-so-obvious way. A little more obvious.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 You mean, raise your superficial blanket standards of beauty that give you a false sense of empowerment over the female race? LMAO @ "the female race"
Quote: Originally Posted by erzu oh i see what you did there. but if you're serious about the "hanging" part, here's one that shows a a guy with less-than-perfect body this could mean anything Quote: Originally Posted by robbie pfft... the only workout i need is lifting my double big gulp to my lips or tearing open my funyuns... this is AMERKA working out is for commies. Quote: Originally...
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Not so much when the list goes on to include "lay guys with tattoos and bangs." FTFY (you are gay right?)
Quote: Originally Posted by Wolf Cub and Moon Whoa.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Gilded Age is one of my new favorite labels. I don't like the distressing on a lot of the stuff, but those knits and some of the shirts are great.
Quote: Originally Posted by Surfrider Nothing, per se; some folks look quite nice in them. Unfortunately, however, the western shirt thing has gone mainstream, and thus has been picked up by douchebags. And once an item is adopted by douchebags, regardless of how "cool" it once was, it is generally branded as "played out" by the the SF hivemind. That sentiment is sometimes a bit silly, sometimes not. However, in this *particular* instance, I tend to...
What's wrong with western shirts?
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell I don't see that at all. I am essentially trading a late 1st round/early second round pick for a third round pick and a 5th round pick for a 6th round pick. If you were pick number 12 in the draft, you would pick TO over Gore? hellll no.
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk I used to try to dress like a WASPy hipster. I realized that wouldn't work because it's just a bad idea, I'm not a WASP, and I'm hopefully not a hipster. These days I try to dress like a really dandy writer in the woods. It's a little less common and more honest than what I was doing before, even though a lot of pieces overlap. In practice, that means brogued boots, Jack Purcells, heavy denim and chinos (and...
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