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Quote: Originally Posted by robbie need to have the pants worked on, and need to tweak things here and there.... its close though right? thrifted coat j crew ocbd wal mart tie hm pants florsheim\\ no more 'beard' a bit mustardy for me Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Out to a bar, feeling rather monotone. you should totally find excuses to wear this Quote: Originally Posted by...
I'm going to have to agree with everybody and say it just looks way too big on you. A trim, fitting trenchcoat might not look bad, and I'm a fan of trenches in general, but that one looks terrible - sleeves, body, and length.
Quote: Originally Posted by themidship22 Cooled down enough to wear a jacket today. Leather jacket really takes your fits up a notch. Usually I think your fits are the epitome of SF-boring but this one is dope Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol the dumbest phrase i have seen in weeks you've been really bitchy lately Quote: Originally Posted by Arms_Akimbo 9/11 concept outfit; red white &...
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Spurr is probably the line from which I'd happily own and wear the highest percentage of pieces. Everything I've seen is top notch in fit, construction and materials. It isn't avant garde or flashy but neither am I. +1. Stuff looks awesome and surprisingly wearable for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - I have always believed that one has to earn their place, it is not just a matter of buying
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one You're not gonna gain a magical three inches, or even an inch, from optical illusions, so wear a cardigan if you like it. Your real friends are slim but not skinny pants, and shoes that look natural while being normally tall, ie workboots. +1. but above all learn to live with your height, it's not gonna up and change all of a sudden
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk I think I'll stop buying clothes or giving much of a fuck about clothes at all until I'm in better shape, have a better haircut, etc. Not that I really can buy clothes nowadays anyway, but +1. Much rowing is necessary. Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy I would not have paid to join the forum when I first found it. +10000000
Quote: Originally Posted by Barrylicious look at how dumb this post is +1 jersey for me, I just don't like the way pique feels and I don't like the way it drapes. It may just be in my head
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie here is the deal, my wife and i have a credit card at 'Nebraska Furniture Mart' we got a tv, we might go get some couches and shit... but really, really i wish the big huge berkshire heartattack i can see from my window would be replaced with even 7 percent of the shopping opportunities members in LA or NYC have available... not only that, but i wish i had the same credit offered to me by any of the stores that 7 percent...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Random fashion thought: why would this pic of me make it's way onto hypebeast? lol your tongues are out son Quote: Originally Posted by zissou At first, I felt bad for buying Banana Republic underwear because it's a mall brand. Then I remembered that they were free and their sole purpose was to hold my ball sack. Quote: Originally Posted by breakz holy...
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