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Quote: Originally Posted by imhotep it's not that bad. the problem starts at about 8AM when you get tired as hell. if you can bear through that, you'll start to feel decent again by noon. also, make sure you keep yourself fed. makes a big difference between feeling moderately shitty or really shitty. Quote: Originally Posted by Gingahbman Showers. From a man who has pulled more all nighters than 7/11 I can tell you......
Quote: Originally Posted by Cashmoney I only go to barbershops. I tell him my number -- I usually get a one or a one-and-a-half -- and read for the five minutes he needs to do his work. I go the House barbershop in the basement of the Rayburn House office building. He charges $14. I give him a $20 and I'm on my way. No muss no fuss. And no attitude and no bullshit. This. Also, the barber I go to read my hair and my head shape better...
My mustache grows much thicker than my beard, but not thick enough for a full mustache. It's a bad situation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol xeno i'm not going to fight your right to have terrible opinions about things that editorial was absolute shit this is actually a cool fit, you look like an anime villain Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle there is a serious lack of brighter colors in sf friendly brands a nice pop of color can really stand out in a rather dreary f/w fit qft... see nemuu
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Mostly just wondering how the KMWs fit (second wear), wouldn't post otherwise since I basically just wanted to be comfortable today. Shirt isn't really that short. Work sucked so I guess that shows in my expression. badass Quote: XenoX101 This message is hidden because XenoX101 is on your ignore list.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 what the fuck are you talking about? aphasia much?
Quote: Originally Posted by origenesprit What is pilling?
Quote: Originally Posted by Arms_Akimbo To be fair, Bed Sty is a terrible name for a clothing company. Bed-Stuy if we want to be proper about it
Quote: Originally Posted by Arms_Akimbo How can I follow jkissi? Feelin' like fall: APC jacket rando sweater Left Field jeans Clarks Cool vibe, i think it would look a little better with a cuff though
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel ha ha LMAO @ Bed Stu. trying to be gangster fails when you don't know how to pronounce the hoods you're referencing. the village idiot knows it's pronounced bed sty.
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