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666OD @ approximately ~3.5-4 weeks. It was a good day to take these pictures since it was overcast and no rain.
Ah, ok! Thanks for that. Well in that case seems pretty complicated so I might as well just ask my moms BF who is a lawyer. Just would rather not ask him since I'm not so fond of him... But if it is the difference of being sued or not I might as well talk to him.Not at all ! Honestly the more critique the better. I think it actually looks better that way I just wasn't sure. I mean worst comes to worst I can just go back and re-edit them if he doesn't like them.
To both, I would have pulled him further but we had very limited space. I was probably 6-7 feet away from him unfortunately. I am still learning however, but he will most likely be using me again (next time we will rent out a studio). But I think they still turned out OK, I am still editing them, so I will show him once they are done. He also won't really be needing the background since he will be using the pictures on posters that will most likely be photoshopped.Just a...
Thanks! Well it went fine (wasn't THAT nervous, but a bit)... Well we had to improvise - you'll see what I mean as you scroll through my post. The first two photos are post-photoshop and the last two are pre-photoshop. I will probably be posting up more, these are just the ones I just finished editing. Here are 2 shots I took (out of a hundred or so). I am thinking the second one needs to be re-edited (ie. look at the records). Here are the originals to give an...
Trust me, I got everything down... just should have worded my statement differently. I am more so nervous though, I just don't want to take the pictures and he winds up not liking them. As for everything else I am pretty sure I am going to shoot him in my room since I have a white tarp up. I will most likely post up some examples if it all works out.
Was experimenting with some lighting today.. Tomorrow I am supposed to take pictures of someone for money, so hopefully they'll like my work. Going to be using a canon 420EX II speedlite (borrowed).
Ah, alright. When I did a couple I was in NC I actually probably took about 50 shots and they all looked like shit. The were all also 30 seconds. I don't know if it was because I didn't have a remote so the camera shook when I went to take the picture OR if tey were just plain out of focus.. I was also in the mountains so I didn't have to worry about light. But thanks for the advice! When I am somewhere dark and remote again I am definitely going to try it again.Thanks I...
WOW! I tried doing something like that, but couldnt! How did you get it like that?
Wow, where's that?
^Wow, those HDRs are great! I like the first photo also Kind of a funny photo. il- congrats! Send us a couple of issues of the magazine Thought this was pretty cool.
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