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Thanks for the answer! Well I gotta admit between the 2.8 AND f4, I would probably choose the 2.8. I know I would eventually be upgrading at some point in time to the 2.8 if I get the 4. I don't feel like spending the extra $1k for just IS. Although I know that if I do get the 70-200 it will be for either low-light indoor situations or for fast paced sports and the extra couple of stops would really help so I could use a faster shutter speed. I first should be saving up...
Dcg- how do you like the 70-200 f/4? I am debating if I should shell out the extra money (when I have it) for the f/4, f/2.8 or f/2.8IS. The images from the 2.8IS are incredibly sharp I mean beyond a doubt amazingly sharp. But I don't know if I could shell out $2k+ on a lens.
I need a pair of those in my life.
Photomatix pro.
Hahaha damn, honestly (and no offence if you are friends with her), she seems to have picked at some pimples leaving scars behind.. I guess if it is 1x2 then you will be safe but I personally like to make sure that stuff is all nice and done even if it will go unnoticed (I tend to try and perfect things). The 2nd BG is actually fine imo but yeah the first needs to be removed or fixed somehow the black dots are really getting the attention of my eyes.
Personally I would get rid of the bumps and blemishes on her face as well as the freckles on her neck. Just my opinion though. Also with the background I would go into PS and make it go away.
Congrats moo! Must feel good being a dad, eh? Sweet pic as well, amazing capture!
Loving that first one il! Btw, B&W points in curves? You mean like converting an image to black and white using tonal curves? Or something like that?
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