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Hi all! I have decided to sell off my drums for my other hobby photography. I don't think this is a good idea... but my loss is your gain! I have 4 cymbals and 1 double bass pedal. I have a couple of rules I would like you all to see first: 1. I don't ship first. You can pay me either as a paypal gift or for goods (but you would have to add the 3% fee). I am more than willing to provide references from other sites as I haven't ever been active on this site. 2. Pretty...
Well... you can get a lens mount for an iPhone and that can allow you to use one of those filters...
Couple from today. Was homecoming I should have taken more photos of just the football game but it's kind of hard to when you only have 50mm of reach.
I find that Flickr helps improve the quality of the photo. I wouldn't recommend photobucket though, they really do downgrade the IQ.
Great shots in here! Can't mention everyone, so to everyone good job! somehow I had my camera at work... Well, at closing I had a mini photoshoot with one of my friends (who actually is a model). Here are a couple of pictures I liked.
Best advice I can give you is to learn how to shoot in manual. Other than that welcome to the wonderful world of Photography!
S500GX-T Wish the cut was slimmer, but I love these to death. I am going to guess the wear time is ~3-4 weeks (or a month). The BEST way to represent the color is to say they are purple. They are brown/indigo weft/warp which in turn makes them purpilish. At a distance they somewhat look like the first picture, but up close they look exactly like they do in the third picture.
Some want IS some don't... I absolutely hate bringing this lens to school - but I absolutely love the pictures it is able to create. Wish I used a faster shutter speed for this.
Personally I baby my stuff. Some consider that not that great and others will agree. When you have $2K+ worth of equipment the last thing you want to do is have it break and have to replace it. Especially since I am in HS and that shit would take a long time to save up for. I have to agree on the tripod though, I really only need it for self shots or long exposures. I know that the sports photographers use monopods because of the weight of their lens, but if you are doing...
Ah, well I would just get the 70-200 2.8L non-is then. I would rather have the extra speed of the lens. I mean there is a couple stops we're talking about. I would get the IS of the 2.8 but honestly it is pointless because the couple of times I will REALLY need it won't even come close to outweighing the times I won't need it. If I were to use it also I would really be using it for sports, otherwise I like to use wider angle lenses anything that is 50 or less.As for the IS...
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