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Trader- well that's why I would rather use a self timer and a tripod, its much easier ! I was hoping that this thread wasn't going to have too many posts in it since the recent ones have been really good... but when I saw there were none where has everyone been??!?! Oh well... here are a few from the past few days:
^Awesome capture!My absolute favorite indian sweet. Gotta love that indian food And... me! Had someone take this for me (although telling them how to properly take a picture was a pain in the ass...).
Congrats il and crane! Nice photos to both of you as well! Unfortunately I have no exciting news... except i'm sending my lens to be calibrated (hopefully). Waiting for a reply from Canon.
Kas- thats great! I love it how a movie (V for vendetta to anyone who doesn't know it), can create a hero and then people in real life actually wear the mask. That's sick - in a good way. il- Have you thought about HDR? It works great and those two shots look similar to HDR but if you used HDR it would look much better imo on both. Second does look a bit too sharpened. Love the feeling of the first one though.
HAHAHA! Well I must admit I am self-conscious cause I guess its a teen thing, but I'm not AS selfconscious as most of my friends. I am starting to realize no one really cares what you look like - unless you are over on sufu or posting fit..
Thanks il! Love that self portrait! I really wish I was more comfortable in front of a camera... Yearbook will not have a single picture of me haha even though most of the pictures will be taken by me !
that is actually one hell of a cool method! I want to try that now buta) I don't have a leicab) My film camera broke But if I had the time and was not in 11th grade studying, and trrying to do well on the SATs and etc... etc... I definitely have to try this soon though.
beach.. ocean.. river whatever it is , and thanks!Few more from yesterday. Shot around my school.
^Both are awesome! Love that BW Beach scene though! Good job !
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