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Hey il! I can say so far I love it! The only thing I would change is the crop, I just wish it was FF but thats why I'm waiting on the 5D MK III if it ever comes out. That sucks for your classmate though, at least nothing else was stolen. Btw the nice little menu on top of the camera makes changing the settings so much easier! I don't have to go through a slow menu now.
I'm getting ahead of myself right now haha but I would get a 35 when I get a FF camera. I will be replacing my 50 eventually but with one for 1/3 of the cost I do love the length on the 50 on a crop though just that for $1500 I might as well get a lens that doesn't have a bunch of similar ones to it and one that is a good wide angle lens. My dream set-up is a 24L, 35L, 50 1.4, 85L, and 70-200L. It is wuite expensive but if I save up all my money I'll eventually get there I...
^Yup! Thanks Will be trading the 50L for a 24L though as I want a wider lens cause the 50 on a 1.6x crop is just too cropped. T3i w/ 50L
New body 7D 1 by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr 7D by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr
No problem. That actually really cool. It is a shame they broke up though, I wasn't ever a die hard fan (never went to one of their concerts), but I did listen to them quite a bit. However I was in love with protest for about a year, I still listen to them a lot but just not as much since my music has expanded so much to other amazing bands as well. Gotta appreciate that mathcore though. I gotta admit though that photo of spencer from Underoath is epic. I stopped listening...
^Love AoF Amazing amazing pictures. Really like your portraits and your portfolio! Andd OH MY GOD Protest the hero?!?!?!?!? Wtf... dude you're my idol haha. Edit: Holy shit. You have some insane photos. Not to mention I love how you have shot every band I know of in addition to the really big name ones I don't like.
Expect a lot more from the city!
Not sure how I feel about the first one, but the last three are by god amazing. Great and amazing work!
Yeah, I agree. I need to go and re-edit the photo cause I was trying to get the effect of the vampire in Twilight. Kinda like that image.Btw, nice fireworks! Really not bad for a first time! Never shot fireworks, but I would really love to one day.Thanks! That is exactly the feel I was going for. I am actually inspired by the guy below but haven't found the appropriate settings yet. Still working on it !
Thanks guys ! Messed around in PS to give my friend a vampire look. I don't know if I like it or not, but I really wish the skin was different... I tried to make it almost sparkly like the twilight effect almost, but I had to settle with this effect. If I find out how I'll definitely re-edit and post it again. ...and then normal ones, I made the borders smaller though. I guess the huge borders was a bit overkill.
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