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Really a fan of those photos il. Well... no offense but all except for the last.. although I know what that picture means hahaha! Save the baby! by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr untitled 40/365 by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr Only a few more feet... 41/365 by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr
Das Auto by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr
Well.. if you are deciding on a regular Canon lens vs. an L lens - the clear winner will be an L lens. I haven't ever used the 35L, but the 50L is a much more 'bokeh' lens, while the 35L can distinctly seperate background from the subject. The 50L does not have as fast AF, but I truly believe if used on a FF body you will have spectacular results and if you get a 50 that doesn't have any focusing issues as well as it is a sharp copy you will never want to sell it. The 35L...
Pretty sure its Tanner goods.
I was just in the same boat. If you want a dedicated portrait lens cross off the 35. Actually let me rephrase - if you want a dedicated portrait lens the 50L or 85L would be the best choice. I'm not saying the 35 delivers bad portraits BUT it does not give as desireable results as a 50 or 85, but from POTN, everyone with the 35L generally tends to love it. If you are looking for some serious bokeh though go for the 50L, but the best bokeh of all would be the 85L. If you...
Haha, well I don't know. I think it's supposed to look like anyway you want it. Whichever works Couple from the past week
Thanks, yeah the right side doesn't work well with the photo, I can always go back and re-edit it!
TRINI! That shot is AWESOME! Kaplan where is that?! That's another great shot... boy I really wish I could go to the mountains right now. Here's a photo I didn't post yet... Day 13/365 I was in a bakery
I miss my 50 1.2 . I think I might have to get another one... But I would rather have other lenses before I get another 50 1.2L. If you want the 50 1.2 it's great for it's colors I find that I didn't need to do that much editing to the pictures since the contrast was great and colors were amazing straight from it. But get the Sigma if you can't afford the 50 1.2 otherwise if you can definitely get it! NOBD Sweet leaf I was trying to find the string! il, I like the...
I gotta admit that after only taking 10 pictures with the 85 1.8 the sharpness definitely caught me by surprise. As for colors though... well I don't think that came close to surprising me or flattering me. If I were to compare the 85 1.8 to my 50L in terms of contrast and colors (I know, two totally different lenses) the 50 definitely won hands down in terms of color. But wide open is was way too soft, while stopped down it was nice and sharp. I don't think I want a sigma...
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