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Thank you! As far as how I did it what il said! Just the only advice I can really give is when you sit on the thing just make it so it looks real don't do it like this guy did cause you can clearly tell where the chair was:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHpV2PXTjiE&feature=relmfuNICE!!! You moved from the Dark side ! And yes! When I was told I got explored I was like really?! It's funny cause I found explore that day and what it meant lol.Let me know how you like the 5D...
Wow great stuff in the time since I last posted! Few recent pictures since I last posted. Stepping through the void. by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr I was featured on Explore for this photo and that thrilled me! Coming through pt. Deux. [Explored] by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr Floater by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr Off to work! by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr Beautiful flowers by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr
Yeah one day I'll get the perfect look. For now it's a bunch of trial and error
I knew that's what you did! Well not yellow, but I had the feeling it was something like that. I have yet to find the perfect look for it with my photos when I put a layer on it like that. Looks to be yellow though.
What did you do to get the effect like this? I like how it looks to be almost a white transparency to it.
Thanks il! couple from a little while ago and one from today.. I really haven't been shooting much over this winter break.
And some shots from an Islanders game I attended.
No offense taken We all have our opinions and to be honest each of us have our limits. I know for me going into the city with a 1D3 (or 5D MK II) and 85L will be like lugging around a brick (I love 85 focal length so I find it to be suitable for me).I personally think the 5D MK II or any FF camera actually will be best with a 35 while a crop will be best with a 24 as a walk around. Everyone is different though 50 on FF is also great, 50 on a crop is a bit long but I loved...
Don't go for the 24-105. I don't know if you NEED the extra reach, but the 24-70 is a faster lens by I think 3 stops. It's also one of the best zooms out there with the exception to the 70-200 2.8. Actually have you considered the 70-200 2.8? Not the IS version, but I know you did say you only had $1k to blow. If it were me I would save up a little while longer and get the better lens cause it would be much more worth it. That being said I'm not saying the 24-105 is bad...
Nonononono! I just realized what everyone's taking from it! I actually didn't even know it. I just didn't like how the hand wasn't in focus lol. I mean if the hand were in focus I would have liked to see that more so. Maybe it would be more interesting for me, idk.No, I didn't even realize it until both you and szeph pointed it out lol! But no offense was intended I guess that It just isn't my traste of a photo. I do really like the other ones though. And thanks a ton man ...
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