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To be honest, that doesn't surprise me. Most people (who I know) who shoot Leica are usually RICH, and have no clue how to take good composed photos. Honestly if it's their money, let them spend it and be "satisfied", we all know that they wont become famous for it cause they have no clue what they are doing. It is what it is though, Leica is just a brand basically, I've used Leica and I absolutely hated it personally. I myself prefer to have AF and good ISO as well as all...
someone told me what the saying was, but I like my title better... adds character haha
It's been a while! sup peeps. Rain, Rain, lets play in it. by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr Dina by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr Eyes are the soul to the heart *Explored! 7/18/12!* by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr Kimmy *EXPLORED! 6/15/12!* by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr
Thanks Yeah, the watermark is a bit big, but I made it smaller though.
Ok, here we go! Me + 5D2 + 85L + city = perfection! Today are all the B&W photos, tomorrow are 1/2 of the color photos. Looking up! by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr NYC Officer by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr IMG_6085.jpg by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr Painter man by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr And probably one of my favorites. NYC Texter by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr
No I know lol, I thought the 5DIII would have been priced accordingly to equal the price it is selling for here in the us so thats why i thought the 1DsIII you boughtwas
Thanks Love this thing!WOW! Only $3,000?! Jesus, where to find one that would cost me that much! I'm thinking if the price also comes down enough I might sell off the 5DII in a year to get that 1DsIII. I have to agree with you on the 5DIII, I personally can't seem to get over the fact how Canon priced it so badly. If you look at Nikon and the D800 that just came out that looks to be more promising, I'm waiting on sample pictures from the 5DIII to really judge it. The only...
I'm seriously jealous of that 1DsIII you got going on there Recently acquired a new set of gear Herro! This is my self-portrait. by Jacob Skoglund, on FlickrAnd a couple of photos from the past few weeks!Puppy Eyes by Jacob Skoglund, on FlickrCity Boy by Jacob Skoglund, on FlickrCan't wait. by Jacob Skoglund, on FlickrArmy dude. by Jacob Skoglund, on Flickr
True.. true... See if I lose $400 it really doesn't matter all that much to me as I don't have formal bills to pay (nice bonus :P) but then again I can't really justify in spending $2k on a camera and having it drop $400 a month later... if it were a year or two later I could understand though.As far as ISO I really don't shoot at a high ISO and if I do the highest I really ever go is ISO1600 and to be quite honest the 5D MK II really only excels in the video (which I...
Yeah my T3i does have LV so if I got the 1DsII I wouldn't sell the T3i.. The only problem with the 5D MK II is that I know it will drop even more in price so I'll be unable to recover probably close to $400. For the 1DsII It's already old so that would be the better return investment. Also I need it for when I go to Germany in April so if the MKIII drops and the MKII's prices don't drop I might as well just go for the 1DsII. You are right though! The MKII isn't as sharp...
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