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Are these self-tie bows? Thanks!
his is an absolutely beautiful, thick, warm, and luxurious shearling coat by Manhattan of Napa, California! It's in terrific condition with no scruffs, marks, or stains at all, inside or out, apart from the tiny brown mark on the right sleeve, as shown. The shearling is wonderful and warm, and the exterior seams are all strongly stitched, with a reinforced single vent. The buttons are leather-covered football buttons, and all are very tight indeed, as are the...
ou know what this is--one of the classic Chipp humorous emblematics series! This is the "Moneybags" tie. Made from Qiana. In Very Good condition, with no flaws at all. Asking just $25 > 20 > 16 > 14 > 12, or offer, shipped in CONUS.
b>New, with tags. Unworn, and in perfect condition. Asking $23 > 20 > 16, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS.
The Gucci tie, the first paisley tie, the Lanvin tie, and the free Hermes tie have now all sold/been claimed. Thank you!
BOTH SOLD Two beautiful BB shirts! Please PM with interest and offers! 1) SOLD 17-34-35 Checked BD I have to admit that this is just too large for me.... Which is a pity, as it's a lovely shirt! Non-iron, I'm afraid, but in excellent condition apart from small laundry mark on inside of tail. Asking $18 CONUS, or offer. 2) Special Order (measures to 16-34) A beautiful straight-collar shirt, Special Order Made in the USA. Must iron. Slightly rumpled, but in very...
AI have several beautiful canvassed tweeds to list today... and many more to come! As always, all prices include shipping in CONUS with delivery confirmation; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost. Please PM with interest and offers! 1) Bold Plaid Irish Tweed! MOVED My wife likes this one... so were it to fit me it wouldn't be here, not only because she likes it but because in some obscure way her liking one particular tweed of mine clearly...
It’s the 1960s, and Miami is in full swing as America’s Casablanca, a tropical playground for the cool and shady alike. The Rat Pack are rubbing shoulders with the mob, the CIA are everywhere, covertly working against Castro.... and the cooler and more louche members of the WASP establishment gave up the Hamptons for fun in a less straight-laced sun, with rum instead of gin in their cocktails and the madras wilder and more tropical, but still ready to fade like the...
The Campagna tie, the linen tie, the Thai silk tie, the Kenneth Gordon wool challis, the no. 4 bowtie from Royce of Princeton are all now sold. Thank you!
Jackets are measured from the BOTTOM of the collar. Thanks for your interest!
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