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I have some lovely pieces of outerwear to pass along today, including a Swedish military utility jacket, a Schott of NYC down vest, a tweed shooting jacket, a rugged leather jacket by Eddie Bauer, vintage reversible Mackinaw hunting jacket, a lovely and functional Field Jacket--and more! As always, I offer FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING IN THE USA; International inquires welcome, with shipping at cost. Also as always, ALL OFFERS ARE VERY WELCOME! Please PM with interest...
This is a lovely and utterly functional coat--as you'd expect from vintage Bean! Unlike most down coats and jackets this has been designed so that the exterior presents as a normal raincoat--here, a classic single breasted, belted style with a lovely oversize mouton fur collar--rather than as a "puffy" ridged jacket. The down is contained in "packets" concealed in the interior of the coat--and unlike most "down" jackets this is the real thing, being fully insulated with...
GORGEOUS VINTAGE BESPOKE TOPCOAT WITH LUXURIOUS FUR COLLAR This is wonderful! This is absolutely wonderful--the collar is gorgeous; thick, rich, soft, and utterly luxurious; the sort of fur collar that you'll only see on bespoke garments like this one. I should note that I'm not a furrier, but since this collar appears to be constructed from one single pelt this is almost certainly a vintage mouton collar. It's in absolutely wonderful condition; this coat has...
Thank you!! SOLD
ICONIC POLO COATS! Morty SIlls and Pendleton! [/CENTER] The SIlls Polo was made for Eli Jacobs, former owner of the Baltimore Orioles; owner of the investment form E. S. Jacobs & Co, which, in 1986, was the second largest manufacturer of computer peripherals in the world! Not surprisingly, the Polo coat owes its name to the camelhair coats worn by Polo players between chukkas.... and as such it was originally an English, rather than an American, garment. But the...
This is a lovely, classic tartan vest, in excellent condition. Although there is no fabric content listed it is clearly all wool, both front and back. Perfect for the holidays--Christmas, New Year's (Hogmany, in the civilized world), Burn's Night and St Andrews Day! Asking just $25, or offer, shipped in the USA. Tagged L; measures: Length: 25 3/4 (top to tip) Width: 20 (measured from armpit to armpit across the tartan front)
Completely--and also fully in accord with Amazon's rules, too! You can PM me for details!
SOLD_-thank you!
Thank you, razl!
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