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Thanks, I'll see how they fit! My guess is that they'll be a tad short, but I might wait a couple of weeks until they're reduced.
Are Flint and Tinder jeans worth picking up? I have a line on some, but while they're NWT they're $35 a pop. I doubt they're worth buying to flip at that price--and I couldn't afford the initial outlay to but enough to make it worth my while anyway--but are they worth this for my own use? I not that into selvedge, but I wouldn't mind giving it a short.... Oh, and yes--$35 for jeans does give you some idea of how much thrifting is where I am!
This is absolutely stunning! It's hard to know where to start with this beauty, but what pops out immediately is the sheer amount of handwork that went into this. It has pick stitching on the collar, the lapels, the placket, and the jetted pockets; it also clearly has handsewn seams and basting throughout the interior, along the back seam, shoulder seam, and sideseams; indeed, I would not be in the slightest bit surprised to discover that this jacket was fully...
As the summer continues, I'm delighted to be able to offer some classic Ivy summer jackets, including seersucker, linen, pincord, and vintage wash-and-wear! As always, I offer FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at reduced cost! Also as always, ALL OFFERS ARE VERY WELCOME! Please PM with interest and offers! 1) GORGEOUS Summer Check Jacket It's very rare that I get stumped by an article of clothing, but I admit defeat here....
Now THAT'S a good idea!But that 8 hour round trip....
I think I'd look at the Bill's once they hit 50% off; I'm not knowledgeable enough about the suits to make a suggestion. But I wouldn't make an 8-hr round trip for them; with gas and time factored in, unless there's a vast number of goodies there you'll end up making a loss.
I'm sorry for your loss, Wes.
I haven't noticed all that much difference in volume between the old B&S and the new for my own items. Having said that, I have a pretty niche market--vintage and moden trad. stuff, and my experience might not generalize to chaps who sell high-end new (or new-ish) items. I agree that the new B&S isn't as fun as the old B&S--I loved the comments on the threads, and the ability of persons to bump up good deals!
I'll respectfully disagree with this. Buying everything you think might sell is a sure-fire way to spend a LOT of moeny very fast; those $3 items add up! ANd if they don't sell, that's a lot of money wasted.Moreover, if you buy everything you think will sell, you'll end up with VERY cramped house, very, very quickly.I suggest being selective.... ANd think to yourself what the odds are of the item you're considering being trash or treasure? (Hint: The odds aren't even! )
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