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does the 13E represent a US wide?
Stop Torturing My Moneyless, Shoe-size-us-13 Self!
sorry for the confusion--i was wondering how much there was to let out to lengthen the pants thanks
the corneliani is pretty close to something i've been looking for--how much is there to be let out at the pants hem and jacket sleeve? kinda short for a 42L... also seems strange to have a finished bottom on the pants if they are NWT... also--great price on the RLBL navy jacket--do the pockets protrude so much when it's worn on a person's body--any pics of someone wearing it?
Must take trip to HK.
If I had $600 to buy, then I'd be all over these. Really rare to find the shoe I need in my size here. They are exactly what I'm looking for at exactly the wrong time. Best of luck to the OP.
Quote: Originally Posted by bcx Widths? +1--what are the widths of the ties... i'm particularly interested in #2.
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus ^^^^What would you wear those pants with? Agreed--not sure I could pull those off without a matching jacket... hmmm... but they are my size, and the price is right
i really would buy the BR if I thought I could get away with the length... even with correct numbers in place, it's still 1.5" short for me from back of collar... better than 6.5", I suppose price is very tempting for such a cool coat
the length from bottom of collar on the BR jacket seems really short... looks like it's almost meant to be worn short based on how it fits the mannequin but i worry about splitting over the rear end... maybe i don't have to worry about it reaching my rear?
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