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Measurements for both Underarm to underarm: 18" Shoulder to shoulder: 17" Shoulder to wrist: 25" Neck to bottom: 23.5" They both fit/feel about the same, with the sweater being maybe a hair tighter. They are both def. slim.
I'm selling two Wings & Horns items from their last fall season. I'm getting rid of them both, simply because they are a bit too tight on me and have just been sitting in my closet since they day I bought them. First up is a light grey, slim fit tiger fleece hoodie in size SMALL. It's brand new and unworn, save to try on. I'm asking for $130. STATUS - PENDING Next up is the Marine Sweater in Charcoal Grey, sized SMALL. It's a V-neck that is super slim...
Looking for some nice slim dress pants below $200. Any recs? Thanks.
If anybody can hook me up with a light grey tiger in medium or the olive tiger in medium, that would be awesome. I'm leaving town in like 20 min so I won't have internet access until Monday, but I have payment ready. Thanks!
I'm looking to pick up a nice dress shirt from Seize sur Vingt, but cannot find them anywhere online. I know the refinery web site had them online, but they no longer have them as part of their stock. I asked this question in several small questions threads with no responses, so I figured maybe somebody would be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks.
Thanks for the heads up. I haven't scoured the entire thread, and forgive me for asking if it's been answered, but do Rag and Bone do odd waist sizes? Being that the 30's are too tight, I think I might just go up to a 32 as it doesn't seem they have 31's, or at least I couldn't find any online. Thanks.
Exactly how much stretch are in Rag and Bone jeans, in particular the rigid rb15 model? I ordered a pair through the DB web sale, and it said to size down, so I went with my usual raw jean size, and god damn are they tight. I can't get the top button done and am a bit worried that they won't stretch, considering they feel pretty sturdy and have the reinforced waist band. Am I SOOL or will these bad boys become relaxed with enough wear? Unfortunately I couldn't return...
Quote: Originally Posted by blank I just bought, surprisingly, for the first time, an RL Custom-Fit Polo shirt. Classic blue, red pony. It fits perfectly. How do I ensure that it doesn't shrink? Also note that I don't do my own laundry, I drop it off. I could drop it off at the same place that washes my shirts. But since this is such a popular item, I'm wondering if someone specifically has a trick Wash cold and hang dry.
Can anybody comment on the waist sizing of 5ep jeans, specifically the LDB in Resin (I know the rigid and the resin differ a bit in sizing)? I'm usually a 30 in all raw jeans and stay with a 31 for non-raw stuff, and I pre-ordered the last pair of 30's they had on revolve, as they didn't have any 31's left, and am worried a bit that they will be too tight. I'm guessing the resin's probably fit more true to size and don't have all that much stretch in them. I'm...
Meh, pre-ordered a pair of 5ep LDB resin's from revolve, but they won't be getting here until almost march and I'm not sure the size will fit me (they only had 30 and 30 is what I usually wear in raw jeans, but afraid I might need to go true to size as they are resin treated). Wondering if I should just grab some Rag and Bone RB15's instead. Anybody with both care to comment?
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