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Hey guys, I have a brand new pair of 5EP LDB's (raw) for sale in a size 31. I had them hemmed up to a 31 in length however - they haven't been worn save to try on. They are about a size too big in the waste and I'm looking for $115 (shipping included to the states). I don't have pictures at the moment (not at my home) but if you're interested, send me a PM and I'll get them to you. Thanks! Measurements - Waist = 16" - Hem = 8.5" - Length = 31"
I am looking for a good leather bomber jacket. APC did one last season around this time and it was perfect, but is long gone at this point - any reccomendations?
Anybody know of a good leather bomber? APC put one out last season around this time and it was perfect, but it's long gone at this point.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro ^^ I just know " I aint gettin on no plane Hannibal" and I never watched seinfeld ( true) Tony- the slim striaght is in NOW! Er, my bad, I meant the low straight. Sorry for the mix up.
Hey Mauro, any ETA on when more RRL slim straights will be in?
Hey there, I'm looking to see if anybody has any of the recent Wings and Horns L/S Oxfords in either Gray or Blue in a size small, new. If so, please PM me. Thanks!
W/E, if you still have it i'll take it for 35-40!
Hey guys, I'm looking for this Motoriders jacket in a size SMALL, everywhere is sold out. My preference is grey, but I'd consider the navy one as well. Let me know if you know where I can get if or if you have a new one that you are willing to sell, thanks
How does the quality of the MIJ compare to the MIUK ones?
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