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Hey there, I'm looking to see if anybody has any of the recent Wings and Horns L/S Oxfords in either Gray or Blue in a size small, new. If so, please PM me. Thanks!
W/E, if you still have it i'll take it for 35-40!
Hey guys, I'm looking for this Motoriders jacket in a size SMALL, everywhere is sold out. My preference is grey, but I'd consider the navy one as well. Let me know if you know where I can get if or if you have a new one that you are willing to sell, thanks
How does the quality of the MIJ compare to the MIUK ones?
Anybody know how APC trousers are sized? I'm normally a 31, but the trousers go by S/M/L etc... S is sold out, but they have Mediums and I have no idea what the size ranges are. Thanks!
Looking for a nice pair of slim, dark grey minimalist black dress pants - preferably under $175. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!
*pics added* Measurements are as follows Pit to Pit - 19" Neck to Bottom - 31" Sleeves - about 25" I have about 5 people interested already, so I'm going to do it based on the order I was pmed, but feel free to add your name to the list if nobody comes through. Thanks.
Hey guys, I'm doing an interest check on a Small W+H Duffle Coat (the most recent one) in black for about $250. I bought it brand new 2 winters ago and have only worn it like 3 times and it's just sitting in my closet. I need some cash and it's a pretty popular around here so I figure somebody would wear it much more than I do. PM me if interested though, thanks!
Both of the items are pending. The Tiger Fleece is practically sold, just waiting on the payment and just waiting to hear back from somebody about the sweater. If something falls through I'll let you guys know. Thanks for the time.
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