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I'm assuming the Wings and Horns Dayton service boots are no longer being produced as I haven't seen them in the last few collections. Does anybody have a solid recommendation that is along the same style as these? I'm looking for black. Thanks guys!
I just received my Button Downs and they fit perfectly. I haven't been up on the thread in months, but noticed that they are now discontinued. Any plans to bring them back? I had a bunch of oxfords, ginghams, and more plaids in mind. Thanks!
Hi guys, I'm selling a pair of practically brand new NDG Classic Fits, size 32. They are Raw Indigo and the Selvedge model from this season. I've hemmed them to a 31 1/2 inseam and they've been worn about 10 times. Paid $320 brand new, looking to get $250 for them as they are amazing condition. Pics incoming within the next day or so along with measurements (don't have the jeans with me atm). Please PM me in the mean time if you have questions, thanks!
Hi guys, I'm unable to find the Clark's DB, Black Distressed Leather in size 10 anywhere. Please let me know if you have a pair, looking for new and unworn. Thanks!
Still curious as to if anybody ordered the bomber with the banded style collar (to match the hem/cuffs). If so, would love to see some pics. Thanks!
Price drop!
Has anybody gotten the Bomber with the varsity style ribbed collar or whatever? I'm definitely picking up one within the next few weeks and wanted to see if anybody had pictures of it. Looked through the thread but couldn't find one. Thanks guys.
Open to trades as well!
Hey dmash1080, I sent you a PM - hit me up and let me know what you think. The quality on the 5ep's is awesome, just a bit too big for me in the thigh area and had to size down to a 30, but it sounds like it's the type of fit you might be looking for.
Added pics (sorry they are a bit blurry), measurements, and price drop!
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