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Anybody have a stockist list for Band of Outsiders? I'm looking to purchase a suit and found a few, but their selection is kind of meh right now. Thanks!
Anybody able to find the half-zip sweaters in lambswool in Small? All my local stores are sold out and they are online as well. Looking for navy/black/light grey if possible. Thanks!
Hey all, Looking for the J. Crew 1/2 zip sweater in Lambswool, size Small in heather/light grey, navy, and black. Already have the Charcoal grey, am open to other colors as well depending on what they are. Prefer BNWT. Thanks and let me know!
Looking to pick these up brand new, haven't been able to find them anywhere. All the Vault stockists are sold out and the few that have a couple left aren't in my size. They are the all leather old skools. Here's a quick photo Thanks!
Hey everybody, I'm looking for a pair of Vans Chukka Boots (high) in black leather. I figured it'd be a staple that I could get anywhere, but I'm only able to find the Chukka Boot in canvas/suede. Any recommendations? Thanks (sorry if this is the wrong post for this).
Any UK proxies at the moment? Been looking to pick up a pair of black leather ( for about a year now with no luck. Thanks!
Hi guys, I have a friend who is looking into getting some premium denim but he needs a larger size, around 44 waist. Anybody have any recommendations? Thanks!
Anybody know where I can get these in the US? I haven't been able to find any online stores that carry this color way. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Any place that has black leather in stock? For some reason I'm not able to find it. Thanks!
Kind of a goofy question, but anybody ever have luck getting a tailor to fix up holes in a sweater? I have a Merino V-neck from RL that I found to have a quarter sized hole in the shoulder seam area today when I went to put it on and noticed that they no longer have the unbranded V-neck sweaters on their web-site, so buying another to replace isn't an option at this point. Is it a goner at this point or can it be fixed? Thanks!
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